Greetings sports fans!  Hope you've had a nice couple of Bank Holiday weekends?

It's shitting it down today, thanks for asking.


The Coronation

Well, that's been a thing this weekend hasn't it?  You might have noticed.  Or not.

Anyway, I've a few things to say about it.  Quelle surprise.


We're all going to die!

There's a new scariant in town


You slag!

Croyden woman slut shamed


Local Elections

It's been the local elections this week.  On polling day this leaflet was put through the letterbox:

labour leaflet

Now... let's unpack this.

"A Labour Government would cut the cost of living by freezing council tax..."

Considering the following:

1 - It's a local election not a general one so there isn't the ability for Labour to form a Government

2 - How can they freeze council tax this year when we're already in a new financial year where they've ALREADY put the council tax up

3 - The local council is predominantly Labout anyway

The whole thing is totally disingenuous.


Voter ID shock

Voter ID is voter suppression...


And finally...

Woman turned away from polling station


Good day, all.

I saw this article recently about a former footballer whose drink was spiked on a night out which left him tetraplegic.

Have a read then come back and tell me what's wrong with this story....


Spotted it yet?  Well it says (as do all the instances of this story across all media) that the date of his night out and supposed spiking was 9th June 2020.


We were still in lockdown at that point; pubs, hairdressers and restaurants were allowed to reopen on 4th JULY.

So how can he have been on a night out?  He can't.

So, IF he was at a do then it was an illegal gathering and would have just been his mates.  So his mates spiked him?

But it makes clear it was definitely a night out.

Something very fishy about it...


bird flu gosling

Alan GOSLING caught BIRD FLU from his ducks?  GET. TO. FUCK


Beanz Meanz Expenz

As the cost living crisis rumbles on...


Rag Watch

Apparently people are deeply distressed


And finally...

We've a new Monkey Pod!  This time about Just Stop Oil at the snooker!

Until next time! 




Welcome to another update!

I saw something on Twitter the other day which was basically a guy interviewing a bunch of white libtards in America who claimed that needing voter Id was racist.

When he asked why they thought like that they all answered in the same way...

"They probably won't know where to get the Id from"

"They probably can't afford the Id"

"They probably can't afford to get to the centre to get the Id"

"They're most likely to not be able to afford the internet to be able to order an Id"

"They've probably not got access to the internet"



The use of "they" suggests they're tarring all black folks with the same brush,.

All black folk don't know where the DMV Center (eugh) is.

All black folk are poor.

All black folk are too poor to get the internet.

All black folk are too poor to ride a bus to the DMV.

All black folk don't have internet access.

All non-white people in America are black folk?


Funny, when the guy interviewed some black people and asked the questions about voter Id being racist they all said no.  The ones who were asked if they knew where the DMV center (euuuuugh) was all said yes.

The ones who were asked if they had the internet and could afford it all said yes.

They were quite bemused actually as to why some people might suggest that they were incapable of getting Id to vote.  Like, most of them had passports or driving licences anyway.

Tell me again WHO the real racists are?  The fucking white libtards.


grauniad nowhere to dance

No, because you wanted everywhere shut down for 2 years for a cold.  Twats.


Bird Flew, sorry, Flu

Remember the article from the last update which featured Bird Flu amongst other things?

Well, our undercover agent, Ankh tells us:

"You want to look at the Animal Disease Exclusion Zone.  We have 12 chickens locked up in their shed and roofed run to "protect the birds".  Some escaped the other day.
I looked out to see one of the birding people hiding in our hedge taking pictures.... presumably to dob us in. I ran out, they drove off and I stood taking pictures of their number plate as it disappeared.
Now....ask yourself this...why are the birding people there with their telescopic lenses...because we're on the migratory bird path. Endless amounts of geese, swans, gulls (following the slurry tractors), starlings in our big trees. All of those birds and yet our few chickens can't walk round the fucking garden because that will cause a pandemic. Fuck off people. Just fuck off.

She's not wrong.  It's all a game.


Nothing can divide us

It can, actually, but it shouldn't.


Social Media Shitheads

What are pylons for?


scouse cat

Is it perpetually offended and responsible for nothing too?


Until next time!  Peace, peace.




Now then!  Back again.

Just had a week away in Hungary, Budapest to be specific.

I have to say, it's excellent there.

There's no wokeness at all, no rainbows all over the place and no trans nonsense.

TV adverts don't feature mixed race couples at all let alone in every other ad like over here.

No stupid coloured hair or "look at me" dickheads.

There's hope yet, if we stop being retarded like America and more like Hungary.


frozen roast

Person pays fuck all for a shit dinner and expects it to be good shocker!


YouGov Surveys

Is Authoritarianism good?


It's Mothers Day

So of course the Lefty Weirdo "Everybody has to be included" gang post this on Facebook:

 mothers day

So.. thinking of New Mums. OK.

Mums with broken hearts or people who don't have their Mum.  Yeah, I get that.

There's clearly lots of Mums who have lost their kids recently (or just ever I suppose) who might get a little upset.  And those who may have lost their Mum might feel a little upset today.

BUT - "Those that have chosen not to be Mums"

What the actual fuck?  I am 100% certain that women who have chosen not to have kids for whatever reason most certainly aren't getting their knickers in a twist over a day that doesn't include them!  Stop trying to include everybody in everything.  It's like saying "It's my birthday today but I'm thinking of those whose birthday it isn't!"

Fuck. Off.


The Lockdown Files

Here's my thoughts


clarkson arrested

I'm not going to do a full article on this as it's along the same lines as Michael Carroll is rich again, thanks to Bitcoin!More fake adverts and Peter Jones is dead, long live Peter Jones

Basically, it links to an article that says Jeremy Clarkson was on "This Morning" and he showed people how he made money quickly with some software that bought and sold Bitcoin.

Even though the screenshot of Clarkson was a different show entirely!

And he made so much money he was arrested by the Police afterwards.  Because making money by buying Bitcoin and then selling it for profit is apparently massively illegal.

And here's the proof, look, it's definitely not really badly photoshopped or anything.


Aren't pandemics strange?

It's almost like they're planned 


And finally...


Not only is Velma now gay (maybe she always was, but we didn't need to know) but she's now also changed colour.

Is she the daughter of Consuela from Family Guy?

Who knows.


What religion most favours Capitalism?

Islam, because all they think about are the Prophets.


(I'm here all week, try the veal).


Clarkson's Farm

A review.


We're being ripped off bruv


If gas prices are now the SAME price as they were in September 2021 why are our bills so high?

This country just rips people off.


Fifteen Minute Cities

I mentioned them last time, here's an article about them.


And finally...

Ragwatch has some new customers.


Until next time!