The NHS is not all that

So you're out "Clapping for carers" at 8 o'clock on a Thursday night, yeah?

You're giving respect to the NHS, right?

You're clapping for that snotty doctors receptionist who won't let you have an appointment with a doctor until you've gone through exactly why you want to see a doctor, explaining all about that itchy groinal region.

You're clapping for that doctor who sees you for 5 minutes and prescribes you antidepressants  even though you went in with a genital wart.

You're clapping for that doctor who sends you to see a specialist 4 months away.

You're clapping for that specialist who sees you for 10 minutes, is an hour late and tells you that you need a procedure but you'll have to wait 6 months for it.  The same procedure could be done within a week privately, by the same specialist.

You're clapping for that nurse who can't be arsed to get you a glass of water so leaves you for HOURS as dry as a dead dingo's donger.

You're clapping for that doctor who says you can go home on a Friday night but then fucks off so doesn't sign your discharge paperwork and you're stuck taking up a bed until Monday.

Shall I go on?

These are all experiences (apart from the Alfred Itchycock and Genital warts) that I have encountered either personally or with a close relative.

Somehow the NHS has become this Sacred Cow that we must all worship on a Thursday night, and if we don't do it the neighbours will gossip about us on Facebook.  What rotters we are!

This isn't an article to do the NHS down, let's face it, six months ago you were saying how shit it was.  This is just about the fickleness of people, the short memories they have and the "Hero Worship" that's going on with this Coronavirus malarky.

Let's have the positve part of this shit sandwich, shall we?  The NHS employs some truly wonderful people who are dedicated to helping people, healing the sick, caring for and providing empathy and love.  I've encountered that side as well.  It's not all been bad.  

But the NHS is a massive beast, it cannot be tamed.  I've said in previous articles how my parents both worked for the NHS, my father in particular worked until he died - actually dying in the hospital he worked at.

It's badly run, there are too many managers.  There are too many Diversity and Trans related departments when there are people with more pressing and real illnesses rather than vanity.

The very notion that anyone who criticises the NHS or carers is now an act of treason is just laughable.  As I said at the start, wind back to the start of the year - Pre Corona the NHS was getting hammered.

Do I appreciate the NHS?  Of course, I pay a fuck load into it every year.  I use the service.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

But I don't want to worship it, banging saucepans like some demented sycophant every week is not what we should be doing!

I've said before, the care industry (and I'm talking care homes etc here) is staffed by some of the least caring individuals you could ever find.  Seriously.

I have countless stories from Mrs Maj regarding staff she's worked with, sometimes literally reduced to tears of frustration.  There are people who enter the care industry thinking it's an easy job.  It's not.

But when there are people who do their jobs properly it's easy to slope off for a fag every 15 minutes and leave the mug to do it.  There are so many who don't follow procedures, who could and should be done for gross misconduct.

Could I do it for a job?  Could I fuck.  I don't have the patience, the tolerance or probably the empathy (although dear reader, you will be surprised to know I'm not a complete arse) required to do it.

I salute those who can do it, and do it well.  Do it properly, as 2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman and a Dominican once said.

I certainly don't want to take ANYTHING away from those frontline staff who are exposed to COVID, they have my utmost respect but they're not all at it.

Some of these NHS staff taking the adulation on a Thursday night, waving their NHS lanyards about like they're Royalty are office workers - never seen a patient in their lives.  This is happening.

And then some of the nurses are dancing.  And they're doing it with PPE.  PPE that is apparently in short supply.

Hmm.  But that's Boris' fault, right?  And Matt Hancock (who I have warmed to since the last update, especially his owning of that absolute cunt Robert Peston).

You see, some people think Boris sits there on Amazon or (if that's a real site I'll eat my hat) with his Company "Country" credit card ordering PPE.

Noooo, see the NHS has 241 procurement departments, each with their own supply chain - so if anyone is responsible for the lack of PPE within the NHS it's the tosser in charge of procurement at the relevant NHS trust.

I'm not Boris' biggest fan, but you know what, I really don't know what else he could have done throughout this.  I don't think anyone else from any party would have been different.

I'm in favour of keeping the NHS, of course I am; it is a truly wonderful thing to have healthcare free at point of service but come on, let's not worship it like a golden cow, it's just another service.


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