2nd December 2016

It's December again which means we're another year older!

MOT is either 1 year old or if we're including all the previous versions we're a whopping 16 years old.

We're officially legal to have sex.

Welcome to the House of Fun, now we've come of age....


Monkey on Toast Marketing Division Presents

The official Monkey on Toast 2016 Offvent Calendar.

Yes, that's right.  Under each window is another reason for you get offended at the world, even if you don't know why you're offended.

Everyone else is, so why not join in, right?

Can't wait for number 21, it's a real doozy.


Right in the Bullseye

Eric Bristow was sacked by Sky Sports this week after a hastily deleted Tweet where he equated homosexuality with paedophilia.

The Tweet, in relation to the recent revelations surrounding a noncey ex-football coach left the former "darts ace" (as The Sun would call him) embarrassed.

And how could it not?  I mean, come on Eric, it's "would have GONE back" not "would have WENT back".

Darts playing prick.

And so, Monkey on Toast TV is proud to announce, this Christmas, coming to a TV channel near you......




That's right!  Our host, Eric will take you through a list of celebrities and you have to guess, are they Poof or Peado (sic)?


And finally

Over in Facebook Fuckwitt Corner we've some new material:

My Placenta

Donald Trump is most displeased

Until next time.

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