24th December 2016

Happy Christmas!

It's that time of year again folks, thanks to everyone whose read the site over the last year and those who have contributed and provided feedback.

Hope you have a cracking time and we'll see you on the other side.

Have a good one, you filthy animals.


Christmas is cancelled #1

Christmas is ruined for one seven year old brat after he claims a mall Santa Claus told him he would definitely receive a £400 Lego Death Star for Christmas.

Naturally the mother believes the lying little toad, she wasn't with him in the Grotto so she knows absolutely fuck all about what was said, but the kid claims Santa promised the Elves would make the gift for him.

Presumably she hasn't twigged yet that kids lie, she must believe everything the little brat says, the gullible cow.

She stands by her claim saying, "That's what Santa said and that's that", even though she wasn't even there.

So, she's a medium as well now is she?

What an absolute fucking melt.

And look at the picture there, it's a Double Compo-Face.  Twenty points there.


Christmas is cancelled #2

In another tale of woe, sorry, BULLSHIT a mother tells how her kids Christmas presents were unwrapped and stolen while she was conveniently away for the weekend.

The mother, a student, claims thieves stole iPads for her three and five year olds plus a PS4 for her eight year old.

She also claims she has been burgled 2 months on the trot.

What an absolute load of shite.

If she has really been burgled once, she'd have got house insurance after the first time.  What sort of dickhead has no house insurance at all?

Insurance is cheap as chips, £10 a month will do, even for contents only.  Possibly less!

She's a student and has been saving since January - sorry but for iPads and a PS4 that's a shit load of money still.  

The burglars had that much time to unwrap the presents first, sounds all too convenient for me.

Let's face it, she's taken some wrapping paper, scrunched it up, claims she's been burgled and then got people to crowd fund her Christmas.

Oh, and what sort of shithouse calls kids Kaedyn and Leevii? Fucks sake.

See you on the other side!


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