24th April 2017

Let's start with...

Attack of the Facebook Cloners


Oops Up.

Theresa May was as serious as cancer when she called a Snap Election last week.

Well, she does have The Power.

 And this sent a Facebook group called "We demand the Government calls an election" went into a frenzy about it.

I'll piss myself when the Tories win by a landslide and they still want to call for an election, because it's not the result THEY want.  The usual case of "I want democracy but only if it's the one I've voted for", I'm afraid.

Strange name for a group given it was formed on 18th December 2012, two and a half years AFTER an election which, granted, was run by a Tory led Coalition, but the group continued with the sniping way after the May election of 2015 in which the Tories won by a majority.

So, even after the election was won fair and square the group pushed and pushed for another election.


Interestingly, it seems within the last few days the group has changed its name to "We Demand UK", but I fully expect it it to change back again after June.

Meanwhile, the memes don't stop there:

Because they're blaming Theresa May for everything THAT HAS HAPPENED EVER!

The claim that she has called a General Election because she's destroyed the country, NHS, created poverty etc.

That's a lot since last June, to be fair, if that's true she's done a sight more than Corbyn.

But honest, what a stupid fucking claim to make.  She's not responsible for that, she became PM off the back of the country voting Brexit.  She's merely gone with the wishes of the country like David Cameron said the Tories would when they offered the referendum in the first place. 

You might as well have a meme like this:

Meanwhile, more memes come out from the hilarious We Demand posse:

Really? You honestly think she's "shit scared" do you?

I actually applaud her for NOT taking part, you know why?  Because it's bullshit.  It's an awful Americanism we can do without, like most Americanisms, if I'm brutally honest.

Do you really want to see a group of political leaders talking shit about each other like some kind of pre-boxing weigh in?  Corbyn with his swagger, May with her beat down.  Farron with his, er, Kevin Eldon look.

No, I don't.  It's all a load of concentrated arse wash.

Now, before you all start seething and calling me all sorts of shit because you think I'm supporting May here, calm the fuck down.

What I am defending and supporting is FACTS.  Real world facts, not memes from Facebook that people believe without questioning it.  You believe everything you see from "We Demand UK", a Facebook group DEDICATED to ousting the Tories and supporting Labour.  Do you think they're going to post FACTS?  No, it's all biased propaganda.

Who am I supporting then?  In all honesty, I really don't know.

Do I like May?  Not particularly.

Would I trust Corbyn?  No.  How can I believe a man who deliberately sat on a train floor and pretended to be one of the proles after passing a load of empty seats.

Do I trust Tim Farron?  I have no idea who he is!  I thought he was the guy who made computer music.  I was about to applaud him for LED Storm when I realised that's Tim Follin.

That's how insignificant the Lib Dems are.

I'll read the manifestos and do what's right for me, like I always do.  And I urge you all to do the same.


Jeremy's Chinese friends were surprised at his claims


And finally...

Can you spot the difference between the Conservative and Plaid Cymru leaders?

Theresa May but Leanne Wood.

Fuck off.


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