14th May 2017

So, Eurovision then.

We did better than most years, but I just don't understand how Portugal won it!  It was a truly awful song.

The win means Portugal will host the event next year.  I won't watch the show but I will check up on it ever half hour.

Might even have some Tapas.


Monkey on Toast Merchandise presents...

The new Diane Abbott wristwatch.  It's a doozy.


Fuck you, Fat Boy Slim

We've retired the Headline Makers section as it was only used once and rebranded it Rag Watch.

In it, the new section will look at the Rags (Sun, Mirror, Star) and make fun of stupid headlines and non stories.

Our first go is about Fat Boy Slim being an awful rotter.


Facebook Fuckwitts

Over in Facebook Fuckwitt Corner we have a new rant about Theresa May wearing shoes


And finally...

A new rant about Holiday Insurance

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