24th May 2017

We Love Manchester

This week's update was delayed after the terrible incident that occured in Manchester on Monday night.

Yet again terrorists have tried to stop us from living our lives.  Cowards hell bent on stopping young girls having fun at a pop concert because their religion doesn't allow music, or fun.

Something MUST change as we cannot go on like this, the Government telling us to "carry on as normal", that only tells us we must accept and tolerate people attacking us because we are not the same religion as them.  We must make the change now, before it gets too late.

Facebook Fuckwitt Corner features 2 absolute cunt trumpets.


Brady is no Moor

So, Moors Murderer Ian Brady left us last week.

Ian Hanson, Chairman of the GMP Federation said, "Ian Brady was a monster and his body should be left out for the bin men", which is all well and good but any fool knows the beggars only come every 2 weeks, which would be a bit whiffy.

Meanwhile, the public have had their say on him taking the resting place of Keith Bennett to his grave, but I'm not so sure he did.

Brady was as mad as a cut snake, his mind been fucked for years.  I honestly do not believe he knew where Keith was buried.

People suggest he deliberately withheld the information as a final piece of power, however I think the only bit of power he really had was NOT to say, "I really don't know where he is".

Brady gained nothing from withholding the information, but I just don't think he had the guts to admit he really had no idea anymore.

Speaking of which...

The Works made a bit of a boo-boo with this sticker.

Not incorrect, though.

Thanks to Gemma for the spot.


Theresa May releases a manifesto of her own

Speaking of Manifestos, I've had a look through both the Conservative one and the Labour one, and I must say, Labour's is very grandiose indeed.

The only issue I have is, as I said last time, I just don't think the country can afford it.  Labour claims it's fully costed, but then Diane Abbott is involved which just makes a mockery of it.

For the first time in over 20+ years I really am torn over who to vote for.

Here's a piece on tuition fees.


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