31st May 2016

The lunatics are still out following last weeks terrorist attack in Manchester.

Those claiming it didn't happen are still unable to tell us why that would be, or give us any further details.

They're so clued up and in the know they can't even spell properly.  Yeah, they're in with MI5 et al.  Honest.

Meanwhile, one particular conspiracist reckons that Georgina Callander isn't dead at all and is a "crisis actor".  He claims she's played 3 roles in the event that didn't happen:


Here's Georgina on the left, 2 or 3 years ago.  The girl in the middle is a fairly recent picture of her.

The girl on the right was a witness to the Manchester bombing.  Idiot conspiracist claims the girl on the right is the same one as the one in the middle.

Firstly, you can see from pictures 1 and 2 that Georgina's chin is quite pointy, the girl on the right has a cleft chin, the eye brows are different and the girl on the right has a squarer head.

He also claims that the lady claiming to be Georgina's mum at the Manchester vigil was actually Georgina herself!

It's amazing how most of these fuckwitts come from the USA and they know all about how we are "being controlled".

Whilst I love a good conspiracy theory, this is a load of bollocks.  That said, I think there's something we're not being told about the event, such as why it was almost a week after the event when CCTV footage of the bomber appeared, usually footage is shown shortly afterwards and there's a lack of footage from inside the event.  No camera seems to have captured the bomb detonating either.

I'll do a piece on conspiracies another time.



Here's a piece on The War on Terror


Unfortunate how these 2 articles appeared side by side on MSN News!


And finally...

Theresa May's plan to deal with ISIS.

See you again soon!

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