8th June 2017

So, it's election day and all the political experts are out on Facebook telling us who to vote for.

I've been deliberately neutral on here throughout the entire election, the reason?

Well, to be honest it's none of your business what my political leaning is, and frankly as time has gone on I'm not sure where that leaning lies.

I don't support any one particular party.  I might have voted Tory for a number of years, but it doesn't mean I like Chairman May, or Hunt or well, many of them.

I might think Corbyn's the best thing since fried bread, but that won't stop me taking the piss out of Diane Abbott because she's a moron.

None of the parties are without problems and none of them are above criticism.

You're entitled to vote for who you want, that's the point of a democracy.

Social media has a lot to answer for of course.  Facebook and Twitter are full of experts telling us, rather aggressively in some cases, who to vote for, without actually telling us why.

Yes, you sit on your arse all day smoking weed and playing Xbox instead of having a job, I think you'll find I'm not going to take any advice off you.

Unless it's the infinite lives cheat for the latest Halo.

I'll make my own decisions in life, thank you very much.

I've never before known an election be so divisive, oddly it seems to be anyone NOT voting Tory that thinks they're in the right, like this cretin:

I mean, really, what a horrible arsehole this guy is.

Probably not even old enough to vote.  He might not like the Tories but that doesn't mean there are plenty that do and will vote for them.

I've already seen people claiming "If you've voted for X then you're wrong".

How are they wrong?  In an election there is no right or wrong, it's not a quiz.  People vote for who they want, how can there possibly be a wrong?

There's your preferred party and then there's everyone else, it's as simple as that.


Rag Watch

There's a small update in Rag Watch


And finally...

The security services in this country are failing massively.  Jihadi's are on watch lists, sometimes internationally known but they're slipping through the net far too easily.

When they're coming back the UK from places like Syria why aren't they being stopped then?

A lot has been made of police cuts, something which has happened under Theresa May as both Home Secretary and Prime Minister but the fact is the forces SHOULD be doing better than they are.

A case in point, at the recent League 1 Play Off Final between Bradford City and Milwall, a Bradford fan who had been banned from games decided to attend the game in fancy dress.

He was picked up even before he could get anywhere near Wembley.

So, the police has the resource to monitor football fans, but not dangerous religious fanatics who want to kill us.

More at the weekend, stay tuned!

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