18th June 2017

Well, the General Election didn't really go to plan did it?

Not for Theresa, anyway.

But, as expected, there was an immediate call for re-elections and recounts from the left because they didn't get their own way.

I've said it many times before, and it was apparent immediately after the Brexit referendum 12 months ago that people don't want democracy anymore, they only want their way.

It was good to see more young people voting this time, even if they were possibly misled by some of the promises - but then again, when hasn't a voter been misled?

However, it's clear that the young haven't quite grasped the art of democracy yet, given the amount of bile spouted on social media.  This is the problem with millenials, they are so entitled, having being told all the time from mummy and daddy just how special they are and how they can have anything they want.  No, life doesn't work that way!

Another thing I've said before!  Constantly praising kids, telling them they're always winners does more harm than good.  

So, if you vote in your first election and it doesn't go your way, what do you do?  Have a bit of a moan on social media, and hope the next 5 years aren't as bad as you hoped or throw the toys out the pram, wet your dress and take to the streets?


Majority Proops

The Tories didn't get a majority in the GE so they've cosied up to the DUP, The Department of Unclean Peasants.

The DUP are against gay rights & marriage, abortion and a whole host of other modernities.

It's rumoured that if the coaliation fails, Tezza May will see if ISIS are interested in forming a Government - they're pretty much the same.

Lots of people, quite rightly are against this Coalition of Cock Ends but what they fail to understand is that there's protesting and going all out to cause shit:

No Emily, you can't.  

Sorry Ashton, what you're going to do is sit in your bedroom on your computer acting hard.  I'm not sure you're even old enough to be on Twitter.

Yes, the coalition with the DUP is a bit shit, but the Tories need them for 8 seats.  Do you really think they're going to have much sway in any new bills?  No.

Are they going to repeal any of the rights they stand against?  Of course not.


Reform, reform, reform!

The first in a series of articles on reforming the world.


The Towering Inferno

The Grenfell Tower was awful to watch, seeing those poor people lose their homes and lives in such a way, begs the question why do we still have such huge towers?

This country seems obsessed with appartments though, everywhere you go there are vast numbers of new builds being appartments.  I've lived in one of these new builds, and it was nice but not how I'd want to live really.  We really should look at houses instead of flats.

However, that's beside the point.

The fire is said to have started in one mans flat, from a fridge that supposedly caught fire.

I'm not so sure there wasn't something sinister going on here, there's something that doesn't quite add up.

The man whose flat the fire started in alerted a neighbour that there was a small fire in his flat, but he'd packed his bags and was leaving.  Now, if there was a fire in my house, I wouldn't have time to get my clothes and things together bfore getting out, which makes me suspicious that it wasn't started deliberately.  Add to this, the fact he's now disappeared!

Fridges don't catch fire that often either, unless there's something suspicious in it that shouldn't be there.

And of course, the immediate blame has gone to the Tories, who apparently have "blood on their hands".

Naturally, research has gone into these claims by, oh, nobody.

Granted, Theresa May failed epically to turn up at the disaster, and act with sympathy or empathy.  She's completely failed as a human being.

However, I'm not sure she actually has the ability to behave in such a manner.  I genuinely think she's naturally cold, not deliberately malicious or evil, just lacking the wherewithal to conduct herself in a manner becoming of a Prime Minister.  Saying that, I do not believe she wants the job in the first place.  I said this before the election and wasn't the only one to think that way.

The biased mainstream media are failing to push the facts though, instead they're pandering to groups of potential rioters in case they offend them.  Why should the blame be laid at the door of people who really aren't at fault?

I'm all for laying blame, don't get me wrong, but for gods sake, blame the right people yeah?!


And finally...

A little rant about art lost art of debate.


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