19th July 2017

He's paid how much?!  What a swizz.

So, today the BBC were obliged to disclose the salaries of all their presenters, actors, new readers etc. who earned in excess of £150k.

And naturally it's caused a right rumpus.

Gary Linekar is said to be paid £1.8m for hosting Match of the Day, of course he has contracts elsewhere such as BT Sport which will net him more money.

That sound horrendous to you?  How horrendous would it sound if you were offered £1.8m for talking about football or whatever your passion is?

When was the last time you went for a job and turned down the salary by suggesting it was too much?  It has never happened!

Now, does he represent good value for money?  I don't know, I like him on MOTD.  He's a man in demand, he's liked for what he does.

Supply and demand, and all that.

Do I think he's a weapons grade knob head in other areas?  You're damn right.

Moving on, idiots on social media have laid into Derek Thompson who plays Charlie Fairhead in the BBC's hospital drama, Casualty.

Thompson allegedly earns £350k, ten times that of a Band 7 nurse, and of course it's caused a stir among those who would rather we spent the money on the NHS instead.

OK, that's fine, let's play this game shall we?

Seeing as though the NHS is the be all and end all right now, let's just scrap the BBC altogether and put that money towards nurses and the NHS instead, OK?

As of now, all the BBC channels will cease to exist and we'll have a load of new nurses and doctors instead.


What's that?  That shitty cooking programme you watch every week has ended?  Oh, why's that?  Ah, it's because it's on the BBC innit.

Where will this obsession with the NHS end?  You could apply the comparison logic to absolutely everything in life that has a value and replace it with the NHS instead.

That new footballer your team has just spent £50m on, how many nurses could that buy?

That car you just bought, nah, we're taking that back mate, gonna fund a nurse innit.

And now, all the idiots are out in force clambering for the licence to be scrapped, yet again.

Whilst I'm no fan of the licence, I feel it's a requirement, as I've said before.

What's the alternative?  If you don't want adverts on the BBC (I know I don't) then the only workable alternative is a subscription model.  Not that easy to implement for those who don't have Sky or Cable.  Freeview and Freesat would need an encryption system and with that technology that fits the users TV or set top box.

It's not as easy as just having a licence is it?

Anyway, the BBC has just lowered it's wages after hiring a woman to play Dr Who.


Click Bait Busters

Click bait, as I've said before is shit.

It appears inside Internet Explorer and Edge.

I stumbled across this one day recently:

Without needing to click it I can tell you these things are:


  1. Drive
  2. Go to education or a job without being chaperoned
  3. Talk to men who aren't family
  4. Play Doctor Who
  5. Work for the BBC
  6. Fly
  7. Make themselves invisible
  8. Climb inside a dog
  9. Eat a Renault 4 with salami in their ears
  10. Stick a deckchair up their noses
  11. Mutate into a unicorn

You're welcome.


Talking of Gary Linekar


A few weeks ago, Gary tweeted something along the lines of "Does anyone feel politically homeless?"

He took a fair bit of stick for it, but then the jug eared toss bag does with every tweet he makes.  That's social media.

But you know what?  I think he's got a good point, and I actually feel the same way.

See, Theresa May is a dick.  She doesn't get "it".  She has no idea what she's doing.

She thought she could continue in the same Tory vein but she can't, it isn't working.  

She has no charisma, no charm, absolutely nothing about her.  Except maybe a set of pins.

Meanwhile, Corbyn is absolutely not the answer either.

He comes across likeable at times but it's fair to say he's made promises that can never be kept, he's surrounded himself by dullards and morons like Diane Abbott and the contemptuous John McDonnell, agitating all the time.

That pledge to scrap tuition fees has been scrapped, McDonnell himself admitted it was an "ambition" and not a promise.

Where does that leave us?  The Left is going absolutely nuts, blaming everything on everybody else, unable to see past their own noses.

The right are staring back in disbelief, what's actually happening is the LEFT is turning into the FAR RIGHT.  But they don't see it that way.


We need a new party that's right in the centre, one that understands common sense.  One that can see a need to resolve all the issues out there right now, without the need to over promise.

We need to spend money, but at the same time, we need to be frugal, it has to be done right.

We need to end all the back biting, the fighting between parties, the fighting within parties!

We need to understand that people CAN have differing opinions and that doesn't make them an "ist", we all used to have different opinions before, and they were accepted.

These days if I argued an Amiga was better than an Atari ST, I'd be called some kind of bigot, because a Polish guy ran Atari.  That is the level of idiocy we're at now.

I fear for this country, I really do.  I don't know what's happened within the last 2 years that we've just become so intolerant of each other.

Let's snap the fuck out of it people, let's start a new party, ONE FOR THE PEOPLE, THE COMMON PEOPLE.



And finally

Wills and Kate out and about, but look who they bumped into!

Until next time!

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