15th August 2017

Gah!  Busy again...  The time seems to go so quickly and I don't get time to update.

I promise I'll get a hold on things after the holidays!

Anyway, let's start with a story about a "model" who was apparently drugged and kidnapped, and was to be sold on an online auction.

Twenty year old Chloe Ayling had travelled to Milan to attend a photo shoot when she was kidnapped and held captive for 5 days.

Seems very fishy.

Especially when you do a search for her name and find this:

"A TOP Daily Star Page 3 model was left terrified after getting caught up in the drama of the Paris terrorist attack last night.
Chloe Ayling, 19, had arrived in Paris for a photo shoot and was walking along the Champs-Elysées when the incident unfolded."
Gosh, isn't she unfortunate eh?  Twice she's travelled abroad to a photo shoot and twice she's been involved in an incident.  What are the chances of that?
It's the biggest load of shit since the McCanns story.
I don't like the name of this shop, let's change it!
There's a guy who thinks Mothercare should be rebranded.
Democracy is still not a thing.
That's right, after last year's Brexit Referendum and this years General Election where people didn't like the result, they chose not to accept it and didn't recognise the result.

Now, not recognising the result is a bit stupid; there's not agreeing with the result of something (I've done that plenty times in elections) and then there's the childish fingers in the ears "la la la I can't hear you" not accepting something.

I've talked about this kind of thing a few times, at times it feels like I'm a bit of a broken record but I always find the facts to back up my moaning.

That's what I'm interested in see, facts and common sense.  Not sensationalism, or campaigning or trying to get you to change your mind about things.

We can't change what has happened, so we just have to get on with it, democracy is after all the result of a vote.

I could understand it if the Government decided upon Brexit without a referendum, the public not consulted on their opinion etc.  You'd be bloody well right to be fucked off then.

But when the country has voted and the vote is to leave, we have to accept it.

This guy though, he's not convinced:

So, what he's saying is this:

"We had a vote on something, which is democratic but as it wasn't the result I wanted then it isn't democratic.  So we'll make sure we have another referendum and if the country does a Theresa May style U-Turn and we decide against Brexit then that's democratic"

You really can't make this shit up.

Back again soon, I promise :)

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