11th September 2017

Back from the hols

Hope you all had a nice summer, I'm hoping to get back to regular updates again now, even if we push small ones out.

As the nurse said to the constipation sufferer.


Speaking of nurses

The NHS turned down £2500 raised by a charity group because the members of the charity were dressed as female nurses.

The charity, based in Ludlow has been doing the sponsored bed push for 20 years but now the NHS have decided it's an issue because, "The presentation of men dressed as female nurses in a highly sexualised and demeaning way is wrong, very outdated and insulting to the profession"

Now, I don't know what nurses Chief Executive Jan Ditheridge sees on a day to day basis but the men, some with beards don't look very sexualised to me.

Frankly, if the NHS is as strapped for cash as it makes out, it should be happy to receive every penny, even if it's been raised by selling heroine to homeless bums.


Storm Irma

Is currently battering the United States, after that it's Storm Jose and then Storm Katia.

As you may or may not know, the storms alternate between female and male names as it progresses through the alphabet.

However, how long will it be before some left libtard wants to make storm names gender neutral?

It won't be long!  I'm surprised it hasn't happened already, if I'm honest!

Soon all storms will have to be called Ashley or Kim or Jan.

Hell, let's take it even further and just give them numbers instead, just in case someone called Whitney gets offended when there's a storm named after her.


Rag Watch

Two new articles in Rag Watch this time:

Huge fight at GQ Awards, thousands dead.

Paul Hollywood is a bloody Nazi!


And finally...

Speaking of Nazi's (seamless bruv), here's a new rant about Nazi's!

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