24th September 2017

Hey, welcome back!

This time let's start with Ragwatch and in particular an article about paedophiles & chicken nuggets.


Bake off bruhaha

It all kicked off in Bake Off last week when Noel Fielding began the show hiding in a fridge.

Apparently loads of snowflakes were offended by it because they "thought" that it might encourage kids to get in the fridge.

Now, I don't watch Bake Off but I'd like to defend Noel's actions as thus:

1 - The fridge was empty other than having Noel in it.  Who the fuck has a fridge at home with nothing in it?  Apart from poor people, granted.

2 - Noel Fielding is known to be a bit off the wall, doing "kerazy" things.  This is just another one of those.  Leave him alone, you dicks.

3 - Kids don't watch Bake Off.

4 - Kids don't get in fridges.  Apart from those 3 kids in the 80's which gave us the classic Knock Knock joke:

Knock knock
Who's there?

Knock knock
Who's there?

Knock knock
Who's there?

Three kids in a fridge.

It really is a silly thing to get worked up about, isn't it?


The fox is in the coop

A rapist who had a sex change whilst in prison was moved to a female prison and guess what?  She has been placed in segregation after making unwanted advances to the inmates.

Martin Ponting still has a cock, but seeing as though he now "identifies" as a woman (by changing his name to Jessica) he's been transferred to a female prison.

Staff are said to be "stunned".  Really?  You really didn't see that coming?

It's a bit like a fox attacking chickens, being captured, telling his captors that he now identifies as a chicken and being placed in a coop along with said chickens.

And then wondering why the foxy bastard eats all the chickens.

I'm wondering if I was arrested for something I could "identify" myself as "innocent".

Gotta let me go then, bruv, innit.


Girl, you'll be a woman soon.  Possibly a man.  Or a tree.

Here's a rant about Gender Bollocks (And fannies)


Doing a lot of work for charidee

Mark tells us: Madness are releasing a charity record for the victims of the Caribbean hurricane. 

It's called, "Our house, in the middle of someone else's street."
And finally...
Here's a rant on Humourless nerks.
See you soon, bitches. 
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