1st November 2017

Trick or Treat

And that's another Halloween over with, thank god.

I've never been a fan of it, always found it a bit silly to be honest.

You see some kids knocking about that have made the effort, dressing up as vampires, skeletons and what-not.  Then you get the kids who just don't get Halloween at all.

Yesterday whilst driving I saw a kid dressed in a Disney Princess outfit, thankfully it was a girl.  Won't be long until the Gender Police change that though.

But seriously, if you're not going to dress up as something scary then what's the fucking point?

It's like turning up to a game of football dressed for wrestling, if you're not going to take part properly then don't bother.

I guess the snowflake parents just tell their kids, "Oh babez, you can wear whatever you want", but the truth is, they can't, if they want to take part in Halloween they should do it fucking properly.

I only had 2 Trick or Treaters around this year, which is handy as it means I'll still have some Rohypnol left for next year.

Incidentally, anyone want to buy a couple of kids?  


Halloween is too scary.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you a humourless, lying nerk.

Sony Kapoor describes himself as "an influential macroeconomist, financial sector expert and development practitioner", which means he's a fucking busybody dickhead.

He tweeted this gem recently, as a reply to this classic:

Which is a letter sent in to Viz.  Not only did Sony not get the fact it's a pisstake but he also lied claiming "Adrian" voted for Brexit.

This is a real problem I have at the moment with the whole Brexit thing.  The country voted to leave the EU.  Whether you agree with it or not we have to accept that decision.

Almost 18 months after the vote to leave I am still sat on the fence, I can see the pros and cons of both sides and if I had to vote again I genuinely don't know which way it would go.

However, this seems to be a thing at the moment where Brexit has to be portrayed by the media as a bad thing.  The BBC is obsessed with joking about Brexit, where it insults and mocks those who voted to leave (Brexiteers I believe they're called).  Question Time and Mock the Week are just 2 of the shows I can think of immediately that does this.

Where are the people on TV taking the mick out of The Remoaners?

Maybe it's got something to do with the fact the BBC obtained a GRANT from the EU.  Hmmm.  Co-incidence?  I think not.

Back to the point, someone as clever and influential as Sony couldn't spot a joke a mile off and lies to make a mockery of someone who doesn't actually exist.

Yep, he's very clearly a massive cunt.



Here's a rant about old people and voting.


And finally...

Fuck the Police off and go private.

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