14th November 2017

Everything should be free says Grauniad.

Well not quite, but the headline says this:

And goes on to say:

"Free housing, food, transport and access to the internet should be given to British citizens in a massive expansion of the welfare state", which the Guardian claims will cost £42bn, funded from higher taxes.

Wait, what?

So let's get this right.  They want us to pay more tax to fund free stuff for people who can't or won't work?  But we already pay a shit load in taxes for that same purpose.

Whether the money is going to the correct places now is irrelevant, because giving more money to a mismanaged system won't increase the number of or quality of the services, it just lines the pockets of the thieves who are already taking the cream off the top.

How about we reform the Welfare State first, get it right then see where we are?  Giving everything away for free sounds great in some Lefty Socialist Utopia, but for the love of God we know it can't and does not work.  It cannot.

Socialism sounds great on paper, everything owned by the State, run for the good of the country.  I've even talked it up before with the likes of Tata Steel.  But it doesn't work, which is why we have private companies instead.  Do we want to be like the 70's again where evil Unions decide when people work?  Constantly striking, always on the take for higher wages?

Of course not.

Neither can the country afford to run large public sector organisations.  Us Brits are terrible at running large organisations.  Just take a look at the NHS for proof.

It's all well and good saying "Raise taxes so people can get free internet" but WHY should people get free internet?

It's not that expensive for a basic service, if you need it you find a way to afford it.  Maybe pack in the fags at £10 a pop, 2 packets of ciggies is 1 month Internet.

Reform the Welfare State, modernise it, get people working again and look at getting long term people off benefits.  That's what makes the country productive, not stinging people who already pay through the nose and get bugger all back in return.



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And finally...

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