18th December 2017

Well it's that time of year again, not only is Christmas almost upon us but also it's our 2nd birthday!  Yes, it's 2 years (on the 16th) that we came back.

Thanks to everyone who continues to read and sends in links etc, keep them coming!

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2017 - A year in review

If 2016 was the year of the celebrity death, 2017 is the year of the Snowflake!

Yes, those triggered by anything and everything, those millennials who are frightened of hard work, who see life far too simplistically and think they're entitled to everything for nothing.

Sadly I can't see it changing in 2018 either, it's only going to get worse.

In 2018 let's look forward to the following:


  1. More genders being created
  2. More sexualities appearing
  3. All Tories being tried for war crimes because they're evil
  4. More ethnic groups appearing for which idiotic white people will signal they need to feel guilty for
  5. The banning of boy, girl, woman, man in song titles
  6. Middlesex ceasing to exist as a place and becoming a gender

Sounds shit, so on that basis, I'm out.


Congratulations, you're a dickhead!


Porn Gate

Much has been made about the Damian Green porn "scandal", there have been calls for him to arrested and dealt with under the full force of the law.

However, can anyone actually tell me what crime he has committed?

The alleged porn found on his computer was of a vanilla variety, therefore was not extreme and ergo is fully legal.

He hasn't broken any laws with regards to looking at, watching or possessing adult images on his computer, so what do you want him arrested for?

He hasn't done anything illegal at all, if he did indeed possess these images, which we don't know for sure even exist.

If he's done anything wrong at all, it's possessing and potentially looking at these images on what is ostensibly a "works computer", which is no different to the types you or I would use in our workplace.  And like you or I he's likely to be subject to a works handbook, which details all the do's and don'ts in the workplace.

So, if he has had these adult images on his work machine, and there are rules in place prohibiting such items and acts in the workplace then he'd be dealt with internally like you or I would if we had porn on our work computers.

If however the machine was his own personal equipment, then there is no case to answer.

What concerns me more, in all honesty is the vindictive nature of Former Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Bob Quick in the way he revealed the details of the so called scandal.

What's worse is that Quick, who resigned / retired in 2009 still has the alleged evidence to date, something that he should not.  Quick should not be holding any material of any kind, he is no longer a serving police officer and anything he has is owned by the State.  The Police should be doing something about that, what else does this man possess?


Remainers, the caring side

Remainers are so caring


Speaking of Brexit

Doner kebabs could be banned under proposed new EU rules.

Phosphates used in the meat is under review by the EU who are proposing it is banned, effectively killing the entire doner kebab industry within the EU.

Maybe Brexit is a good thing after all, surely it's gotta be better than Kebrexit, right?


You know someone is a real staunch supporter of something when...

They can't even get the name right.



And finally...

Ebay, fill your cart with disputes


Merry Christmas, y'all! :)

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