15th January 2018

What's the colour of money passports?

Over the Christmas period it emerged that post Brexit British passports won't be the maroon ones we have now, they'll be blue instead.

Cue a load of hysterical gimps whining and crying like the babies they are.

It's a passport, it gets you out of the UK and into other countries, the same as your maroon one.

"Airports will know I'm a Brit by the colour of it", claimed one idiot on Twitter, like it really matters!  I'm sure the airport staff will have already guessed your nationality by the fact you're steaming drunk at 8 o clock in the morning.

And do you really think Brits will be singled out because they have a different colour passport?  No, they won't.

And if they are, great, you can scream racism, you lefty bell end.


Train Mail

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And finally...

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