22nd January 2018


I'm sure E-bay are doing it on purpose now!  Not content with boiling my piss with a shit advert and then following it up with another shit advert, well guess what... they've done another shit advert.

This time it's a man or woman singing "I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need".

No, a what you need is a fucking slap.  Now fuck off.


Brexit Mong

Meanwhile, on Twitter a mong who we shall call Wayne (for that is his name) entered a debate with someone on Brexit:

The man has a screw loose!  He genuinely thinks Britain is not going to leave the EU.  It is, absolutely, whether you agree or not it is happening.

"We will bring"..  Who is we?  The man thinks that someone is going to bring a load of immigrants in just to piss those people off who voted for Brexit.  And what of those who voted for Brexit that aren't scared of hijab wearing Muslims?  Then what?  Is he thinking of people trafficking?  Oh goodie, then let's get him prosecuted.

"We will quadruple", again who's we?  He thinks there's a secret army or organisation that is going to target people who voted for Brexit and increase their council tax.  Hmm OK, and tell me, Wayne, how are you planning on identifying these people?

Absolute prat.

This is the "kinder, gentler politics" that we're told the Left under Corbyn would give us.  If people like Wayne are involved then no thanks, because this sounds more like the overtones of fascism that blind supporters of Corbyn try to direct towards Tories, regardless of their stance.

Wayne goes on to say, the Left are always right and the Right are always wrong.

What a stupid thing to say.  How can anyone agree with this?  In the same way you can't honestly say the Right are always right and the Left are always wrong.

So, if the Left decide everyone called Wayne should be shot and the Right say everyone called Wayne should receive £50 for free, he's going to accept death?

What an utterly deluded man.  And look at #4, he's there again saying we're not leaving the EU like it's his call.  He's just some tit, he's a nobody, what the fuck does he know?

The Left become more childish by the day.  Soon they will be sticking their fingers in their ears, saying "La la la, I can't hear you and if I can't hear you then there is no such thing as Brexit".

Fucks sake.


Dear Feminazi's, it might have escaped your notice but we DO pay for razors.  And we pay for a fucking fortune for them.

On what planet have you been living where you think we get them for nothing?



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