22nd February 2018

So, I ran a poll on Twitter:

The results are so 2018!

Any fool no it's Impulse FFS.


People change

Here's an article about looking back in social media to get people into trouble


Irony factor 5, Mr Checkov.


And finally...

This guy made me laugh on Twitter.  For a few reasons, which didn't include his inability to use an apostrophe or commas.  Or his inability to use different case.

Or his inability to spell "continue".

It was mainly the fact his Twitter name is "Despise the Tories", which bears no relation to any of his Tweets, and him seemingly fighting "Totally unfair regulations on ecigs".

Now, I'm not sure what "Totally unfair" regulations are out there, I'm pretty sure that people are free to Vape themselves to death.  There's pretty much no regulation on them.

But what really made me laugh is his belief that if he thinks a law is unjust then he is obliged to disobey it.

OK then, think we've found another snowflake who thinks they can do whatever they want!


Back soon, hopefully over the weekend!


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