1st March 2018

World Book Day, again.

And what a joy it was to see the schools closed because of the snow, ah well... 

Although Facebook has a few kids dressed up.  I particularly liked the 7 year old dressed as Hermione from Harry Potter, she's probably not even seen the movies let alone read the fucking books.

And her brother who was billed as "Harry Potter" but was actually dressed as Willy Wonka.  Think you got that wrong there lad, don't even know who your own kid is dressed as.


Sol Campbell is a fruit loop

Don't understand this guy, I really don't.

A couple of years ago he moaned at football being inherently racist because he hadn't been offered a football manager job.

Now he's back in the media moaning again because he's been passed over for some more managers jobs, that he hasn't even applied for.

Sol claims he's got, "One of the best footballing minds in the world", which I would question given he's never been invited to apply for jobs or been approached by clubs.

He's never even coached!  So, instead of having a massive chip on your shoulder claiming people are racist, how about you do some coaching, let the world see this great football mind and take it from there?



Trains won't need timetables

According to Sir Peter Hendy, the Chairman of Network Rail in 10 years time there won't be a need for train timetables because there will be that many trains on the networks that we'll just need to wait 10 minutes for the one, like we do for busses or trams/tubes.


Really?  How's that going to work then?  The lines don't have the capacity and there aren't even enough trains now, you really think they're going to put 3 to 4 times as many trains on the network?  Bollocks.

I'd also question how it works outside of London, or where you need to get a connection to somewhere?  It won't work.

The rail network has been fucked for a long time, long before the Tories sold it off.  Want to know why it was sold off?  Because it was a fucking dog.

Now, I actually agree with Comrade Corbyn on re-nationalising the rail BUT I just can't see how that would work at all.  There isn't the money to buy it all back and run it.

Us Brits are shit at running organisations, imagine the rail system (network, rolling stock, et al) being controlled by one organisation, hells teeth it would be awful.

Nobody seems to understand what a mammoth task it would be to run such a behemoth, Doctor Beeching would be spinning in his grave.


And finally...

Sofie Hagen is a dick

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