17th April 2018

It's disappointing we find ourselves potentially embroiled in yet another turmoil in the Middle East, after we bombed Syria along with the US and France.

The problem is that what's going on in Syria really is none of our business.  Just like Gulf War 2 where Tony Blair started a war against Iraq alongside George W Bush & the United States.

There was never any proof of Weapons of Mass Destruction, but that didn't stop us going in claiming they were there.

Look how that ended!

Gulf War 1 was different, Iraq invaded Kuwait and we had to get involved.  There was an actual reason.

Syria is just different, there's no real reason.  There's fake news flying all over about Assad using chemical weapons on his own people, yet there's absolutely no evidence to prove that.

Remember those pictures last year when we bombed because Assad had supposedly attacked his own people?  That picture of the little "orphan" chap sat down all dusty?

Yeah, didn't see the pic of him afterwards no?

Funny that, 'cos he was all smiles and jokes.

And that poor young girl who was also an orphan?  Used in at least 4 different shoots.

These things are staged by ISIS to turn those against Assad as it strengthens their position.

Now, granted, Assad is a dictator, but do you really believe he's just used chemical weapons on his own people, for nothing?  It's ludicrous.

Now we're going to be drawn into a war because America sides with the rebels who want Assad out (which is fine) but also gives gain to ISIS.  Russia is supporting Assad, know why?

Because out of all this, he really IS the good guy (Yeah, I know, tallest Danny Devito contest etc).  Russia aren't siding with him because the US are against him, it's not a game.

Theresa May once again has shown how useless she is, the sooner she goes the better!


And finally...

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