24th April 2018

Baby Alfie

Before I start, hear me out.  Don't presume I'm a heartless bastard, because I not.  Not always.

The case of baby Alfie been going on for months, he's spent months in hospital, the doctors have done all they can for him.

So they've requested numerous times to halt any further treatment because, let's be honest, there is no further treatment available apart from a miracle.

The parents, somewhat understandably have persisted with the hospital and doctors to keep the treatment ongoing.  Some might say they're desperate.

And I can understand that.

But they have to be realistic as well, Alfie hasn't responded to treatment, he hasn't gotten any better.  He's in the same state he was before, just a few weeks and months older.

He's in a persistent vegetative state, he's not going to "grow out" of it, there is no miracle cure.  Essentially he's brain dead.

The parents, not wanting to take no for an answer took to social media to help their cause.  Has it helped?  Not at all.

All it's done is show the world that Facebook IS full of morons who think they know better than everyone else, including doctors because they don't want to see a baby die.

Nobody WANTS to see the baby die for fucks sake, it is however the only thing that can be guaranteed.

And of course Facebook sports the "activists" (aka Knob heads), those calling the doctors and nurses "murderers", like they sit around a table in a conference room deciding the fate of children.  Yes, of course Doctor Farad said just this morning in a meeting, "You know that lad in ward 3?  The one with the funny mouth?  No, not him, you know, knobhead one?  Yes, him, well fuck it, I reckon we let him go next, can't be arsed with him the whiny little twat".

 Anyone with any recent experience of the NHS, be it in a work or patient capacity knows it's stretched more than Kate Middleton's tuppence.  These people work their arses off caring for you, me and our kids.  Who the fuck are you to call them uncaring or murderers?

And there's been a few times on Facebook I've seen people actually asking "Why haven't the hospital released a statement about him?"

Well, 2 reasons really, you thick shite:

  1.  Patient confidentiality, the doctors and nurses are obliged to talk to the parents only
  2. It's got fuck all with you, you nosey old trout

So, if you really favour hospitals reading statements out about random patients, here we go love:

"Guy's Hospital would like to announce that Susan here has just been treated for a terrible case of hemorrhoids, and while we were at it we gave her something for her fanny, it's kicking out a right stink".

You want that, Susan, do you?

Leave the hospital to do their job, they know what they're doing.  They're doing what is right for that child, and more importantly what they're doing is LEGAL.

Stop with your faux-activism, and your bandwagon jumping, try even getting yourself a job.


Speaking of Kate Middleton's Tuppence

I see we have a new Royal baby.  And whilst my field of fucks remains barren on the subject I was disappointed to see this tweet yesterday from a leading and very popular TV historian:

I mean, really?  This is from a fairly serious lady, who generally takes no shit on Twitter.  But to come out with something like this shows a lack of class.

I don't know if said historian is struggling with infertility, having IVF or recently had a miscarriage but what the hell has that got to do with the Royal baby?

Making it about yourself, or virtue signalling to others who may be in the situation is just not fair.

It's basically saying, "I can't have a baby so nobody else should be happy about having one either"


Racism Corner

Roulette wheels are racist claims total plonker


And finally...

The BBC annoyed me this week with this article.

Why?  Because the title they used to link it from the BBC News site (which has since disappeared) appeared to be a terrible form of Clickbait and misleading question.

I didn't take a screenshot of it at the time as I thought I'd be able to find it again so only saved the link itself but the link basically said something along the lines of "Has British tolerance finally disappeared?"

Sounds quite ominous, right?  I thought it sounded negative.

So I read the article and found that basically what it's saying is that out of Europe Britain is still incredibly tolerant, according to a poll which saw us rate 53%.

Compared to France, Italy and Spain who were much less and Hungary which weighed in just at 16%.

So why have an article like this where the question is loaded in such a way?

It asks the question "Has British tolerance gone?" and the article should just say "No", because it hasn't.  If it had I'd expect the article to explain why, but it hasn't so it doesn't.

Is this the new BBC?  Turning into Clickbait?

Click this link 15 times to find out.


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