18th July 2018

Where you been?

Well, I've not been to London to see the Queen, nor have I been in prison.  Honest.

I guess it was just a little difficult to do updates and satire when life appears to be imitating art.

For example, back in March we brought you this satirical article about a man wanting a smear test.  Only for this article to appear a few weeks ago.

What else has been happening?  Well, a man was convicted for making a joke.

Tommy Robinson was sent to prison, some say for nothing.

Now, whether you like him or not it's clear he didn't really go to prison for nothing.  He was done for contempt of court.  However, what worries me is the speed in which he was arrested and sent to prison; it all happened within a matter of hours.  It's almost like the it was planned by the Establishment.  You don't get that kind of speed out of them normally.

Donald Trump came to England and a load of moaning minnies protested without really know what they were protesting about!

Did you see some of the interviews with all the freaks?  They had no idea why they were there.

One interview went along the lines of, "We're here because like, you know, it's er, like Donald Trump and that, and er we're angry like you know, because it's Trump"

Right, OK.

Meanwhile, an "award winning" comedian that nobody has heard of gets away with going on Twitter posting pictures like this:

Now, this picture is quite disturbing in that the copper is high-fiving Janey Godley - the same police force that convicted Count Dankula for a joke where as the Judge said, "Context does not matter".

I approached the Scottish Police to comment on this picture and did not receive a response.  I bet if the sign had anyone other than Trump's name on it this "hilarious" (sarcasm, dear) comedian would have been prosecuted.

Double standards from an already awful police force.

But this also shows what the level of comedy is now at, it's "peak comedy" to just call Trump names.  Wow, that's proper hilarious.  Shit comedians go for the easy targets, good comedians put some thought into what they're doing.

It's the same with Brexit and why I no longer watch BBC Comedy.

However... Has the BBC started to fight back against the lefty nonsense?  This video from Tracey Ullman's "Tracey breaks the news" is brilliant.


Didn't Happen

Seems to be a new thing at the moment of people posting things on Twitter or Facebook which clearly didn't fucking happen.  For example, at the start of the world cup one person claimed, "I asked my 6 year old son who he wanted to win out of Russia and Saudi Arabia (for the first WC game) and he replied, 'Which one has the best human rights record?'"

Which couldn't be any more bullshit if it was claimed his son was riding a unicorn.

So when I saw this article today it screamed "Bullshit" to me.

A drag queen claims he was "transphobically abused" whilst on a bus dressed in womens clothing.  Really?  Sounds like horse shit.

Wanna know why?

Well, he's a drag queen and therefore not trans...  He can't be transphobed (new word I just made up) anymore than I can be shamed for being a fish.

There's no mention of requesting the bus CCTV, no mention of police involvment and he's so scared for his life he's just so happened to have remembered every single word that was said to him.

Didn't fucking happen.

Then we have this twat on Twitter who claims she "Had lewd comments made about me by four men in what was, at most, a twenty minute journey in", she continues, "It’s hot outside and I should be allowed to be comfortable without being harassed every single fucking day".

Posting a selfie in a tight black dress doesn't come across as "LOOK AT ME!  LOOK AT ME!" at all.  Tight, black dresses, just what you want to be comfortable in on as she says a hot day.

Didn't fucking happen.

And finally...

Let's find the negative in everything




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