14th January 2020

Hey all!  Happy New Year and all that.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and you're ready for another year of mickey taking, rants and exposing social media idiots & snowflakes.

It didn't take long after the election for the Leftie conspiracy theorists to come out:


election fraud 1

Sy Hawkes, whoever he is says that Labour actually won the election but senior Tories made sure they won by rigging postal votes.


Bit weird that nobody reported it, and he's got sod all proof to back it up.  He even says "I suspect I'm not far away from the truth" which basically means, "I wet the bed because I didn't get my own way".

What a plonker.  Postal vote rigging!  I mean, it's hardly possible to do what he thinks they did but if you look at postal vote rigging in the past you'll actually see that Labour MP's have actually been convicted of it before.

Look up Cambridge.

Meanwhile, check out this doozy:

election fraud 2

Why didn't they win?  They had the numbers.

It's good vs evil!  Jesus christ alive!  If you look through Helen's timeline she's absolutely bonkers and properly obsessed with Brexit and getting Boris sacked.  I bet she's fun to be with.

In fact, I bet she's single and has 15 cats.

Truth, science and logic she says.  Maybe so, it could possibly the case, but you know WHY the Tories won?  Because Jeremy Corbyn promised far too much and people clearly didn't believe him.

I said in the last update I was surprised as hell at the result, I couldn't believe it the next day, but the fact is that Corbyn did not have the backing of the country because of how he came across.  

Never mind though, because Helen's trusty followers have the answers:

election fraud 3

That's right, in future let's not allow "thick" or "bad" people to vote.

Quite how 'Red' will define who is "bad" or "thick" I don't know, as both are generally subjective.  I mean, "bad" could be objective in that you're saying that murderers, paedos and rapists are bad and therefore can't vote.  But what if they're not locked up or convicted?  And thick people?  Will we all have to take some kind of test to see if we're allowed to vote?

One suspects the only people who will be allowed the vote are those who share the same echo chamber with Mr Miller there.

Nazi bastard.


Rag Watch

Welcome, Karen Matthews.


Check this nugget out

queen eu dress

Yeah!  You tell em, Steve Dave!  I mean, Queenie!

That's right.  Someone honestly thought the dress and brooch HRH was wearing for her Christmas Day speech was in support of the EU and terribly Anti-Brexit.

This is the Queen who supports Brexit!  What an absolute melt.

Whether you agree with Brexit or not, there's always someone who will clutch at straws in the hope they're right.

You're wrong, hope this helps.


Christmas TV 

was crap. 


It's War!

Donald Trump signs off the assassination of an Iranian terrorist and people immediately jump to the conclusion that World War 3 was pending.  What I find bizarre are the people jumping to the defence of Qassem Soleimani simply because Trump had him offed.  Orange Man done bad, they say.

Let's not forget that this man was a terrorist, in an enemy country.  He was responsible for the attacks on US Embassies and other buildings - Trump simply retaliated.

People backing Qassem Soleimani simply because it was Trump who done him in are crazy, lefty weirdos.  If Obama had done that he'd have been given the keys to the city and hailed as a hero.


Oh, really? Not happened has it?  Immediately following the incident tensions escalated, that's the norm.  

We saw some angry Iranian men doing angry Iranian man things.  Chanting angry Iranian man chants.

If only we all spoke Persian maybe we'd know what they were chanting rather than simply believing what we're told by the media.

In the same way that immediately after 9/11 we saw videos of people celebrating in the Middle East, despite the fact those videos were done before the Twin Towers were even hit.

You might think I'm supporting Trump here.  Nope, what I am doing is putting fact and sense to a situation.  People will moan about Trump in the same way they moan about Boris.  If Trump gave every American $100 they'd be screaming, "Impeach him!  I wanted $200!"

 I find this lefty supporting of anyone-but-Trump or anyone-but-Boris utterly bizarre.  Let's talk some sense here.  Some of these people would support Hitler if it meant they could call Trump a bad name.

But it's not just the US, us Brits are just as bad.

When there was a so-called crisis, Boris was away on holiday.  Amazingly there were people on Twitter saying he was on HIS OWN PRIVATE ISLAND!

No, he was on a villa ON A PRIVATE ISLAND.

That's not the same thing.

Look at this melt:

boris holiday 1

Yeah, because the British Prime Minister is absolutely cut off from the rest of the world, unable to speak to any of his Government including his deputy.

Bed Wetting Level: Drenched

But wait...

boris holiday 2

Ah, of course Josh.  Boris was just waiting for a hashtag to go up on Twitter so he could "come out of hiding".

Yeah, that's exactly how politics works.

I mean, Josh has gone all out here.  Properly Anti-Boris (which is his right), without anything other than being pissed off for the sake of it and without anything to back up why he's so upset.

What's puzzling is his support for Iran in all this.  One look at Josh and you know he's gay, backed up by the rainbow flag.  Nothing wrong with being gay of course, except IRAN HANGS GAY MEN FROM CRANES.

Which is a bit like the Jews saying, "That Adolf Hitler, he was alright really.  Bit misunderstood.  Curse that damn Winston Churchill, grrrr!"

I simply don't understand why any gay person would support Iran when they know that they'd kill them as quick as look at them.  Again, it's probably the anti-Trump thing.

A day passes and Josh gets pelters, rightly so if your bed wetting is this bad so he counters with:

boris holiday 3

Ah the told, "It was a joke, honest" chestnut.


And finally...

Well, that's all for this time folks, we'll be back soon and with a new feature too!

Until then, don't have nightmares.




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