27th April 2020

So Boris is back at work today, he still looks ill and clearly feeling the after effects of Coronavirus plus the added stress of managing the country through
these hard times.

boris looking unwell

But of course, there are plenty people having a pop at him.

One MoT reader put something on Facebook last week about him missing several COBRA meetings, to which someone replied that he'd been off with the virus.

Now, another person responded to that with the following:

boris never had virus


So, naturally I requested evidence that he didn't have the virus. Of course there was no response.  Not sure what he's supposed to have stolen either?

The comment below that sums it up perfectly for me, and no that's not my comment.

But it is true, people are using social media as a platform for lies, spreading hate, and just contradicting what other people say.  None of it is ever evidenced.

How anyone can claim he didn't have CV, it's clear he has been really poorly. One person claimed he'd been away on holiday! Of course he has, you nutter.


Every step you take, we'll be watching you

I see the Police are still up their tricks with their new found powers. This time stopping a man and fining him because he went out to buy wine.

When the man quoted the Bill of Rights at the officer, the officer claimed he had only recently qualified and didn't "know everything".

So, if he doesn't know the law he's supposed to be enforcing, how can he arrest, fine and de-arrest the man? It is ludicrous, but they're still letting people gather on Westminster Bridge to
clap for them on a Thursday night.

Speaking of clapping, I see that nurses are so overworked that they have time to make dancing videos on TikTok.

Now, granted, this isn't all nurses and these are departments that have been closed due to no patients but if they think that using a piece of equipment consting thousands of pounds is a suitable prop to use in a dancing video they have seriously misjudged the situation.

The Bucks Radiology department got so much grief they deleted the tweet. But it's not just them, there's dozens of videos which are apparently supposed to lift our mood. No, it doesn't!

We all appreciate those who are frontline, but now you've got NHS admin staff who never leave a desk and certainly never see a patient taking the adulation on a Thursday night.

Make it stop!


Coronavirus, a hot take

How do you think things have been handled so far? I'm not overly impressed if I'm honest. But that's not necessarily a dig at Boris, I just think we as Brits are shit at handling stuff like this.

We dither so much, I honestly don't think it would have been any different under Corbyn or anyone else. We're a fairly useless country and I don't buy into all that stiff upper lip and British spirit nonsense. Being told that in the war people went out of their way to help others, I reckon that's just bollocks. I can imagine the queues for the shops were similar to what we experienced weeks ago, it is human nature to be selfish. Let's not rewrite history and pretend that 70+ years ago things were any different. We all look back at previous times and think things were better.

For me, I thought the 80s were great. Music, computers, TV. But I was growing up then, look back at the politics, the strikes, the interest rates, the unemployment - it wasn't all Top Deck and Skittles.

I've changed my opinion of how things are going of late. The Government just don't have a plan, there's no exit strategy. They've had a different person doing the 5'o clock Press Conference in Boris' absence, none of which instills any confidence at all.

Hancock is a cock, Gove is a cock, Priti Patel is just a good looking Dianne Abbott.

When they wheel out Chris Whitty to do it there's something wrong. I'm not certain now that he actually has a handle on what's happening. He's lost my trust.

Add that to, Professor Neil Ferguson, the biggest bullshitter in medical history. This is a man who claimed 500,000 would die in this country.

This is a man who claimed SARs would kill millions here when there were none. This is a man who had THOUSANDS of animals needlessly slaughtered during the Foot and Mouth epidemic.

He can't be trusted with animals let alone humans. He now claims lifting the lockdown will claim 100,000 lives.

He's not to be listened to, his modelling is way off kilter.

I'm not a scientist by any means, but when scientists can't agree on the way foward, models or treatment it suggests something is wrong. He has been consistently wrong and must not be listened to at all! Biggest fraud out there.

And then there's the media! They are LOVING the mass hysteria, the absolute bastards. They hate the fact that deaths are down, as are new cases.

The deaths reported yesterday include deaths from WEEKS ago, but that goes against the media narrative.

Every little thing is seized upon as negative, why on earth can't they be positive about anything at all?

If Boris claimed today that we'd developed a vaccine with a 100% strike rate they'd be asking him why it wasn't developed weeks ago.

They'd ask why the scientists who developed it didn't include a gay black trans woman, and was the vaccine racist.


Relax the Lockdown

We're all looking at lifting the lockdown restrictions, the country (like Prince Paul) needs a haircut.

So why not let places like hairdressers and barbers re-open? Make it appointments only, stagger the appointments so there's only ever 1 customer in the shops at a time. Make the hairdresser or barber wear a mask and wear gloves? Maybe the customer could wear gloves too?

Is there an issue with this? If we're careful we could re-open lots of places if we change how we live for a while.

It's clear the economy needs to be kickstarted, things cannot go on like they are. Why not allow people to visit family too if there's no danger of infection?

We need a plan.

We have to come out of this slowly, but we HAVE to come out of it!


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