3rd May 2020

Captain Tom Moore set out to raise £1,000 for the NHS by doing laps of his garden.  Captain Tom was 99 at the time.

His story went viral and he raised £30m, an absolutely wonderful achievement I am sure you will agree!  But, I do wonder where that money will go.

Will it go towards hiring more nurses, buying more equipment and paying nurses better?

Or will it end up going towards hiring more "Diversity" managers?  Or funding more "Trans" departments where people choose what gender they are this year?

I hope it all goes towards a good use, I'm just not convinced it will.


Speaking of the NHS...

The NHS is not all that


The media

One thing I've noticed throughout this pandemic is the utter irresponsibility of the media.

Here's why they're scum.



The next review for Lockdown is Thursday and I really hope they're looking at relaxing it.  I truly think things have gone on long enough.

Here's why:

Being locked away isn't good for us, people need to go out.  Our immune systems are actually weaker for being locked away because they're not exposed to the usual every day germs that we're used to.  I guarantee that when we start to go back to work etc we'll all come down with colds.  And then a load of bedwetters will say it's a spike in Corona, even though those aren't the symptoms.  Being too sterile is not a good thing.  Have we not learned anything from War of the Worlds?

In fact, a high percentage of Corona deaths have seen a deficiency in Vitamin D - the Sunshine vitamin.  Just 20 minutes a day outside will give you your Vit D for the day.  That helps to fight off nasty bugs including Corona.


People are not understanding the Lockdown properly, they think they're not even allowed out the house at all.  I've seen many reports of people who are too scared to even go in their back gardens, they think Lockdown is stay in and that's it.  My own mother is in her late 70s, she's been locked away for 9 weeks I'd say.  Whilst she has a decent sized garden I don't think she's using it.  All that good weather we've had, she could have been sat out in the sun enjoying some peace and quiet.  Instead she's inside shitting herself.

When I asked her why not go for a walk she actually said, "I'm not allowed out".

That's simply not true, she's allowed to go for a walk.  A walk would do her good. Granted, the guidelines say not to go shopping, but there's nothing stopping her having a walk about.


People are becoming conditioned to be fearful.  I don't mean in a malicious or conspiracy theory way, I mean that the media has pushed the agenda of "You get COVID, you die" so much.  Whilst that specific line hasn't been trotted out, the inference is there.  Not everyone who gets it is seriously ill.  We've been told to "Stay home, Save the NHS, Save Lives".

But the NHS has not been even close to being overrun.  The Government has exaggerated the response, again not malicious or conspiratorially but things aren't as bad as we're led to believe.


The media has driven alot of this, as you'll no doubt have read in the previous article.  They clamoured for lockdown.  There's little evidence to suggest that Lockdown has worked, apart from tanking the economy, could it have burned itself out in 7 weeks anyway as some scientists are now suggesting!  Look how Sweden managed it.


People are becoming anti-social.  I don't just mean the whole "2 metres apart" thing which is soon to be 1 metre, I believe!  But people are actually frightened to speak to other people in case they get it.

Mate, it doesn't work like that.

I was in the supermarket the other day and this guy had gone to the beer aisle.  He had an empty trolley and he'd had quite the mission following the arrows around the store.  I walked past him, observing the 2 metres of course and said, "I see you've waited for the most important aisle then?" whilst pointing at his empty trolley.

He looked at me like I'd walked into his house on Christmas morning and pissed on his presents.

It probably didn't help I was dressed like this, mind:

grim reaper

But seriously, I've noticed when out with the dog, some folk are less likely to even part with a "Hello!" or "Morning" in case they catch a virus I don't have by simply looking at me .


We're turning into a nation of grasses.  People are curtain twitching, seething away.

"That's twice today he's been out!  I'm ringing the police"

You might think you're doing a good thing, trying to get everyone to stay locked in, bored senseless earning 80% of their salaries if they're earning anything at all.  But you're not.

All you are doing is making sure we end up with a Police state for good.  Grassing on your neighbours is all very Iraqi Ba'ath party of you.  Uncle Saddam would be so proud.


So, yes, I hope they relax things.  I don't mind admitting that when this all kicked off I was scared, but the last couple of weeks I've changed my opinion.  People, don't live in fear, it's not good for you!



And finally...

Coronavirus is cultural appropriation


Until next time... I won't say Stay Safe 'cos that sounds shit.  Just be well, John Spartan!


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