25th October 2020

Here we are again!  So, what's happened since the last update?

Well, Donald Trump tested positive for Coronavirus and all the Lefty weirdos and Anti-Trumpers said, "He doesn't have COVID, it's all made up, he's just trying to delay the election".

And then just over a week later he went out in a car and all the Lefty weirdos and Anti-Trumpers said, "This is disgusting! He's out there spreading COVID about!"

Which is a bit weird because a) He was IN A CAR, b) masked and most importantly c) YOU SAID HE DIDN'T HAVE COVID.

I guess when you don't like someone you just have to be contrary about eveything they say or do.


Things that are racist #572

The countryside.


Piss off Rishi

Chancellor and out of touch tosspot Rishi Sunak upset people recently when he suggested that artists and singers should retrain to other jobs.  Well that's all well and good isn't it?

Yes, let's see Katie Price retrain as a care assistant so she can get a new show on TV "Katie Cares".

Or let's see Pauline Quirke delivering for Tesco.

Instead of making stupid remarks like that why not work on getting the country back to normal?  And what jobs are all these comedians, singers et al supposed to do in all honesty?  Maybe they could retrain as assassins and take out the Government?


hans face space


What about the second wave?

There is no second wave.


And finally...

Let's start celebrating Halloween in July. 


Until next time, toodles.



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