6th February 2021

Welcome back folks!

So this week the EU got even more childish.  First it went from "Hey UK, you have a surplus of the AZ / Oxford vaccine, we DEMAND you send it to us" to "Well, actually, that vaccine doesn't work so we won't give it to anyone.  Nah nah nah nah nahhh"

The EU really love us, honest!  

Anyway, here's live scenes of Astra Zeneca making surplus supplies of the vaccine available to the EU...

Environmental Toxic Waste


I want to live foreverrrrrr

Look at this and tell me what's wrong here:

twitter twins

Apart from the rude word, obviously.  They are 96 years old for fucks sake!

What is wrong with people?  Did she expect to live forever?  Did she expect her sister to only die at the same time as her?

You can blame Boris Johnson for an awful lot but unless he personally gave the sister COVID then it's not his fault is it?

I'd like to know HOW she got it, probably brought in by a family member.  Time to look closer to home there.


John Spiracy

Our Conspiracy nut John Spiracy is back, this time with a view on Snow.


Block 5G

Buy a Faraday cage for your router


Captain Tom

It was sad this week to learn of Captain Sir Tom's death.  But I've been annoyed at the media coverage of it.

You see, Captain Tom had been ill for some time with pneumonia.  Wasn't in the news, nobody was interested in it.

Until he contracted COVID, whilst in hospital.

Then it was all over the news!  Breaking News - Captain Tom in hospital with Coronavirus.

He already was IN hospital.

Let's also not forget the fact that he was ONE HUNDRED YEARS OLD.

It's nuts.  Almost a year on, people are not allowed to die of anything other than COVID.

Let's be clear too, we don't even know if he had ANY symptoms at all.  His own daughter said he wasn't in ICU at any time or on a ventilator.  He might have just tested positive and been asymptomatic.

Which is why the shitty MK Online newspaper had to remove a link to a story which was titled "Captain Sir Tom dies after battle with Coronavirus".

There is no evidence at all to suggest he was battling COVID, he was ill with pneumonia for weeks - also the same reason he didn't have a vaccine, because the drugs are incompatible.

But don't worry because Conspiracy theorists know better!  Look at this shitweasel:

captain tom

Vanessa Gray says she bets Captain Sir Tom has the vaccine, despite HIS OWN DAUGHTER saying he hadn't.  And then, directly underneath says


Yes Vanessa, SIR TOM FUCKING JONES had the vaccine, you utter dick.

Presumably she can only read 3 letter at a time and saw the words SIR TOM, put 2 and 2 together and got Diane Abbott.

Thick bitch.


Speaking of Vaccines

We've another new guest writing for us.  Ladies and Gentlemen (and all the other 57 genders), I am proud to announce we now have Maxine Carr writing for us, she's going to be reviewing the different Vaccines.

In our new feature Maxine on Vaccines, this week she's reviewed the Astra Zeneca / Oxford vax.


And finally...

It was announced recently that Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Angela Rayner claimed £1600 on 23 first class rail tickets as part of an overall figure costing almost £31k in 2020.

angela rayner expenses 1

angela rayner expenses 2

What's interesting abaout this story is the that none of my staunch Labour supporting Facebook friends who will literally comment on ANY article about ANY Tory had anything to say about it at all.

Had this been a Tory there would have been comments like, "Evil Tories taking again!", "Did they REALLY have to travel First Class?  It's just Elitism", "They could have spent that on a kids school dinner!"... etc

But no, there was not a peep out of any of them.  Weird that.

I mean, I'm not exactly defending the Tories, not am I having a pop at the ginger gob on legs for it, but where is the fallout over it?  

Personally I don't care what they claim as long as they're not taking the piss.  We've all been guilty of adding a few extra miles on to some travel expenses haven't we?  I'm not getting into the forensic accounting of it all.

But if we're going to have a go at one set of MP's for doing something, shouldn't the same apply to the rest?  And vice versa?

Next time the Tories expenses are published I'll point them all to the post about this and ask why they were silent then.  Labour really can do no wrong in some peoples eyes, but there really IS a difference between wanting the Tories out and having a different party in.  Don't be so blinkered.






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