21st February 2021

Emotional Blackmail

Heard those annoying COVID adverts on the radio?


Satire? No sir. 

I was going to do a satire piece on a teacher not turning up for online lessons due to snow and then I saw this..

school snow day

I mean, we've all experienced school closures (either for ourselves or our kids) due to snow but this takes the piss.  It seems schools close now when there's a flake of snow in the air, which wouldn't have happened in my day.  These days schools probably shut when there's a kid with rampant dandruff, thinking it's snowing.

Snow is not an excuse to stop homeschooling.  By god, our kids are getting a shit enough education online as it is without teachers doing crap like this.

We need the schools opening, and fast.


Maxine oin Vaccines

Maxine is back, this time reviewing the Pfizer vaccine.


GB News

Let's cancel it before it's begun.


(Once again) Queen Latifah is back

They've brought back the classic 80s series The Equalizer.


And finally...

 We haven't had a foray in the World of Woke for a while.

We do now though, He-Man is back!



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