21st March 2021

Sorry, sorry!  I really need to get back to updating at least weekly!  I'm thinking about doing smaller updates to keep it regular.

Anyway, there's been all manner of stuff going off hasn't there!

So let's jump straight in.

Meghan blooming Markle.


A new writer!

Yes indeed!  We have ourselves a new writer here at Toast Towers, I welcome our very own Lefty Snowflake Tabatha Higgs-Boson.

She's posh and always right.

This time she talks about Cancel Culture


The Politicisation of Sarah Everard

The death of a woman at the hands of a copper has become so much more than it should thanks to some shameless people.


And finally...

 We have another new writer, Scott Markett who gives us his thoughts on the Stock Market.

He has some tips for what to look out for in April.

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