4th April 2021

Happy Easter everyone

So what's up this time?

Well, Tabatha is back with an article about SatNav's.


Amazon are Nazis

Amazon were forced to change the icon of their shopping app recently because, wait for it... one person THOUGHT the original icon looked like Adolf Hitler.


No shit.  Some absolute loon thought that the ribbon on the original logo (left above) looked like Hitler's moustache and was going to kick up a fuss.

I mean, it doesn't even look like Hitler, and they've had the logo for years.  You've got to be seriously mentally ill to think it looks remotely like Hitler.

This person probably sees Saddam Hussein in Bran Flakes and Idi Amin in a loaf of Sunblest - so why did Amazon head this off at the pass and change the logo?

They should have shamed the idiot, rather than pandering to 1 person.  Hell, they should have just had the fool taken out.


Things that are racist this week



And finally...

In Facebook Fuckwitts this week we have an Instagram Nonce who claims the Queen is no longer the Queen due to Astra Zeneca.

Until next time!

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