29th March 2016

From Cairo with love

So a man is able to hijack an Egyptian Airways plane by claiming he's wearing a suicide belt.

There's absolutely no proof at all he's wearing nothing more than a cheap leather belt from Matalan, but let's crack on.

He forces the plane to divert from its intended destination to Cyprus instead where he lets all the passengers go, with the exception of 4 plus the crew.

He then throws a letter onto the runway in which he states he wants to see his ex wife.

Bravo!  It then turns out that the belt is fake.

Quelle surprise.

The best bit is the Egyptian minister who says of the man, "He's not a terrorist, he's an idiot", which is brilliant.

I suppose nobody got hurt apart from some wet knickers, after the last couple of weeks this is far better news.

Booked it, packed it, hikacked it


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See you next time!

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