5th April 2016

I love Gogglebox, ever since I stumbled across it by mistake midway through the first series.

Over the years there’s been some cracking people on it, but I can’t help wonder if they could make it better by having an even better cross-section of society.

So with that in mind, I’d like to see the next series featuring the following:

1 – A racist family from Bethnal Green complete with taxi driving dad

2 – A family of Jeremy Kyle-esque guests

3 – And finally a family of radical Muslims, complaining at every show and film they’re forced to watch.

Thinking about it, what about creating a sort of Middle East version of Gogglebox where ISIS supporting radicals watch infidels being tortured or beheaded?

We could call it “Middle East Enders”. 


Tata, steel.

Here's a rant about Tata and the fucked up UK steel industry.


Nick BlackwellDespite awaking from a coma, Nick Blackwell was still in deep trouble


And finally...

Here's a few words about the Police!


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