23rd October 2022

Hey all, back again.

The UK political situation is in absolute chaos right now, what we're seeing is the last days of democracy.


The speed of science

I'm hoping 2 updates back you read this article?

And in particular you watched the video from this tweet?

Did you spot the Pfizer Pfucker when she spouted the line about the "speed of science?"

I mean, just what IS the speed of science?

Is it a thing?

speed of science

"Me? Driving too fast officer?  Oh no, I was doing the speed of science see"

It's all bollocks and the Pfuckers at Pfizer know it.  

There's only one definition of the "Speed of science" when it comes to those bastards and it looks like this:

speed of science counter


Remember the Wifi Blaster?

Course you do...

Well, I've found a new scam device!


See you again soon!