7th November 2022

Hi everyone!

So what's happened since the last update?  Well, Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister even though he lost the voting against Liz Truss.

Boris Jonners tried to return, said he had enough votes to compete but then didn't.  Penny Mordaunt pulled out of the race too leaving just Sunak left who automatically became PM.

Proper democracy that.



Social Media Shitheads

I don't like to gloat when someone dies (usually) but Karma is a bitch sometimes.


Trapped in a ford?  Looks more like a VW to me.


Climate Change

is bollocks.


And finally...

Leicestershire Police stuck this bollocks up on Twitter, claiming the person in it was subjected to anti-trans abuse and that "her" male name is used instead of "her" female name.

An act known as "Deadnaming".

leics police 1

We know the Police have gone all woke, when they attend and partake in Pride events and donning LGB rainbows from their uniform to their cars.

But they didn't bank on people doing a bit of digging arouns this one.

leics police 2

Because here's the picture they used....

and that it can also be found on Stock Image websites:

leics police 3

So basicallty, it's a load of bollocks.  Leicestershire Police has to fess up and admit it wasn't real.

Call the cops.


Until next time, bitches!