13th November 2022

PM Rishi Sunak has been at COP27 which is a climate change event and not a defendant in another police corruption scandal.

Anyway, at the event he promised "climate reparations" to countries such as Pakistan.

Wait on, we're paying Pakistan for what?  Oh, it's because we started the industrial revolution and therefore we must owe them money for hundreds of years of pollution.

Utter madness.  At a time where people are going to struggle to put food on the table as well as heat their homes AND still be able to subscribe to "Babes TV"  we're giving money away to other countries.

We don't owe any other country a thing.  Correct me if I'm wrong but we've given money to countries before who have had disasters, where does that money go?

Does it not go towards fixing the problem they had before?  It must not do.

And really, should we be giving money to ANY country that has a space programme?  Should we fuck.


COVID Amnesty

The Atlantic suggested we have a COVID Amnesty. 

I suggest getting fucked.


And finally...

Here's Monkey Pods Episode 2 - Just Stop, Just Stop Oil.