23rd December 2022

Hey all, back again!

First up, here's an article about the current state of the country.



zombie virus pfizer

Pfizer are already working on a "vaccine" for it.


Rag Watch

We've got a new Rag Watch for you!


Velma from Scooby Doo

Is a Lezza.


And finally...

We have to wish all readers a very Happy Christmas.  Thank you to all who supported The Toast this year, it's been a difficult one!

We have to thank those who kept us going when we went a bit AWOL.

Rest assured, we've renewed for another year!

Thanks to all who sent stuff in, even if it was just linking up to articles - everything is appreciated.

This will be the last update of the year; over the Christmas holidays I'll be upgrading to the latest version of Joomla.  This is a major upgrade which entails lots of "fucking about" (technical term) so if we disappear we've either been "had away" (not Hadaway, that's different) or I've fucked it up!

Have a lovely Christmas folks, see you on the other side.

xxx (No homo)