10th May 2016

Only white people can be racist

It's true.  Check out this article about a black Oxford student  who racially abused and humiliated a white waitress at a restaurant.

Boasting on Facebook he said he had made the waitress "cry white tears" and would give her a tip when "fellow white people return South Africa's land back to its population".

Oxford University claim that he was exercising free speech.  Correct, he was.

As am I now.  However, I will absolutely guarantee you had that been a white student and a black waitress who was "crying black tears" the student would have been slung out immediately, publicly hunted down on Facebook and probably been sent to prison for a month.

Racism only works one way.

If white people say anything about other creeds, colours or race then it's disgusting racism.

If any other ethnicity says anything about white folk then it's just accepted.

Double standards, makes me really mad.


Facebook Fuckwitts

Over in Fuckwitt Corner we have 2 belters:

1 - Burn McMurray, Burn

2 - Poland Day. Disgusting

It's enough to make you weep.


Mo Brexit, Mo Problems

The David Cameron Brexit campaign continues to gather pace, with even more propaganda than in recent weeks, as I wrote about here.

But this whole referendum has got me thinking about this and politics as a whole.

In the case of this referendum we have a binary choice to make, or as I like to call it The Hokey Cokey choice - we’re either in or we’re out.

It’s like being given a choice of music to listen to – You can have The Spice Girls or you can have The Venga Boys.

Nobody in their right mind wants to listen to any of that shite, where’s the third option for silence?

This referendum is like that, stay in Europe or leave.

There should be a third option, an option to stay in Europe but to reform the whole paradigm.

There are Pros and Cons to staying in and leaving Europe but why should it have to be so black and white?

You can choose to die in a horrible fire or by drowning.  Thanks.  Where’s the option to die in my sleep?

If the referendum is going to spark change why can’t we choose a third, fourth, fifth option?

Does the general public know the consequences of voting to stay or go?  If there were more options then not only could that potentially be less damaging to the country but it could mean that things change for the better.

I believe if we had further options other a straight yes or no then more people would vote and they would vote for the most sensible option.

Those who are scared of or don’t understand the No vote will vote Yes, to blindly stay in Europe without question.

Those who are a little pissed off about being in Europe will vote No without understanding exactly what it might mean.

It’s all so risky.

This has got me thinking about the political voting system as a whole though.  

For example, take the general election, we’re given a bunch of candidates to vote for.  What if you don’t like any of the candidates?  You don’t bother to vote?  That’s just a massive waste.

Or you vote for whichever candidate you think is not as much of a dickhead than the rest.  Good choice, democracy.

So why can’t we have extra options that allows the voter to say, “Listen chief, I’m not overly chuffed with this set of nincompoops, I’ll vote for X on the condition that Y happens

Or “I think there should be a coalition between X and Y

Or “I’ll vote for X but as soon as it comes out he’s shagging his secretary / au-pair / sister I want a new general election

It might bring some accountability back to MP’s.  After all, they have a manifesto but if they don’t carry out any let alone all of their promises there is no consequence.

Politicians and their parties should come with some form of warranty or be made accountable to trading standards.

If you vote for a party and they fail there should be fines, imprisonment and being forced to go to a Jedward concert.


And finally...

Here's a new article about having a poo at work.


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