24th May 2016

Jilted Jihadi John

A woman who supported ISIS, spread radical propaganda and said she wanted to marry Jihadi John has been jailed.

Jihadi John's Wife
Still, she's half way there I guess, look at that 'tache!


Staying in that region

It seems that Iraq are desperate to bring back Saddam Hussein.


worst brothel everWorst brothel ever.


Meanwhile, in Soapbox land

There's a mini rant about Sofology.


Disturbing news

About Richard Reid, the Shoe Bomber.



Very Loose Women

So, Katie Price’s son, Harvey, drops the C-bomb on Loose Women, live on air.

Whilst this is quite funny, in fact, it’s hilarious, it also shows just how much of a piss-dribbling thundercunt Katie is.  If that ever really was in question.

For those not in the know, Harvey is what is known in the trade as “a mong”.

And as such, mongs don’t socialise with other children in the same way.

I’d be surprised if he leaves the house to be honest.

So, where did he learn the C word from if it wasn’t from Katie herself?

There are some utter spastics out there who think Katie Price is a wonderful mum.  I’ve seen many a chav regard her as “an idol”.

An idol. 

Someone who gets their tits out for a living, had children to multiple dickhead fathers, been married or engaged to more men than Wayne Rooney’s had hot dinners is an idol?

She’s been up for Mum of the Year as well, probably even won it, if I could be arsed to check.  Which I can’t.

I despair.

Watch the clip, it’s piss funny, you’ll watch it over and over until you’re dribbling like Harvey himself.

But then have a think about how this has come about.


1 - Katie has told him to say it and it’s been rehearsed, which I wouldn’t be surprised at given that it’s free publicity, again.

2 – The C word is such a regular part of her vocabulary around her kids.  Again, this would hardly come as a surprise given she’s got a gob on her that would put a navvy to shame.

How would Harvey know what context to use the word in unless he’s heard it more times than anything else?

There’s a saying in the world of showbiz “Never work with children or animals”, this is true (especially in porn).

Maybe it should be extended to “…and vegetables”.

Though you can keep them in your porno’s actually.  I’ve seen things done to carrots and marrows that would embarrass Dirty Debbie.

You just know what will happen next - Fame hungry, nose hungry, chip pan headed former Atomic Kitten singer and Iceland queen, Kerry Katona will be taking her kids on “This Morning” where they’ll be effing and jeffing all over the shop.

Katie Price should be utterly ashamed of herself.  Taking her brain damaged, sweary child on live TV and expecting nothing bad to happen.

There’s no way a dribbling spaz like that should be on TV.

And as for Harvey….

Hello You Cunt

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