7th June 2016

The Daily Fail

The Daily Mail ran a story a few days ago about a student who tore into David Cameron during a live TV debate.

During the debate she accused pig loving Cameron of waffling and scaremongering over the EU referendum.

Student Soraya Bouazzaoui interrupted the Prime Minister as he bumbled his way through a pitch for the Remain campaign.

She’s since won plaudits on Twitter from people saying that she managed to say what other people were thinking.

However, the article (which has since been rewritten, I hasten to add) then goes on about Soraya herself, how she likes to party and post selfies on Facebook – many of which “attract Likes”.

Now, here is the crux of many a Daily Mail article, it’s all about the Likes!

What the hell does posting selfies and people “liking” them have to do with anything at all?  The original article (before it was extended to contain more content about the referendum and the EU and less about Soraya) went into great detail about the kind of pictures she posted on Facebook and how many likes she got, rather than concentrating on her views on the EU.

But then again, is that even news? 

Woman tells Cameron he’s waffling shocker!

Student who isn’t a politician has view on EU EXCLUSIVE!

I have an opinion on the EU but it’s not on the cover of any newspaper, it’s not news.

But this kind of shit is typical of the Daily Mail.

I don’t read the Mail by the way, it’s badly written nonsense which is published without being proof read or spell checked (hence the article last year which stated a man had been “Shit dead”) but I do like to go on the site for material.

Another thing about the Daily Mail is that they’re obsessed with age, as if it’s new to them.

I saw 2 articles the other day which could have acted as a template for “What has happened to x celebrity?!

The first one was about Hugh Grant, asking the question “What’s happened to Hugh Grant?

He was on a beach, he’s got a bit of a paunch, moobs, and was wearing baggy shorts.

Fuck me, is that the worst they can do?  Is that news?

So, what HAS happened to Hugh Grant?  Well, he’s got older for a start.  He’s 55 now. 

Is he supposed to hit the gym 5 times a week to keep some vapid blert at “FeMail” happy?   

Since when has it been a crime for a 55 year old fella to have a belly, moobs and a shit haircut?

And then on the same day the other “article” in “FeMail” showed 6 actors and actresses from some American show I’ve never seen.

It showed them 10 years ago and then again now, and asked the usual question “What the hell has happened to the cast of <Insert show name here>?

The answer is that, funnily enough, they look about 10 years older because, you know, they pissing well are 10 years older.

Given that they’ve gone from their 20’s to their 30’s they’re still good looking people and haven’t really changed that much.  Ones got bigger tits, one fella has a beard.

The Mail is obsessed with it though, they just can’t comprehend that we all get older. 


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