21st June 2016

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Orlando, Boom.

After Orlando where 50 people were murdered, basically for being gay, the root cause is still being analysed.

Some say he pledged allegiance to ISIS shortly before carrying his act of violence out on innocent victims.

Whether that's true or not, does it matter?  He's still a murderer.

Word is now that he was in fact a regular visitor to the club, not in a reconnaisance way but in a "I'd like to meet men" way.

He's also been said to have been on gay dating apps.

For all intents and purposes, the guy was gay.  We live in a modern society, we all accept that, right?

Except the guy was a Muslim.

And instead of dealing with his sexuality like everybody else, he decided that he didn't like what he was.

I'm sure there are people who feel like this all over the world.  Not everyone accepts their own sexuality, so they suppress it.

What they don't do it take a gun and go and tear shit up.

Omar obviously had a decision to make, be gay and accepted by his peers or be dictated by a savage religion.

He could have used his religion as a reason not to frequent gay clubs and be with men.

But he took it one step further, a step much too far.

He killed innocent people in the name of his religion.

A lot has been made about this attack as being homophobic, personally I don't think it is.

I think this was an attack born out of Omar's inability to be a person, what he was was just a Muslim.

Muslims can be gay just like any religion.

The radicals will argue that this cannot be the case, which is why gay men are beheaded or thrown off buildings in the Middle East.

Only a radical would put religion over life, instead of being happy with his lot, leading the life he clearly wanted he had to go with the radical side of Islam and do something about it.

He chose the wrong option.

The Koran may well say that homosexuality is wrong, in the same way the Bible does.  But we don't live in the stone age anymore.

The only talking snakes are in The Jungle Book.

Do you have to take YOUR book so literally?

Do you REALLY need a book written thousands of years ago to tell you how to live your life?

Of course you don't.  Regardless of your religion, we are governed by laws and morals.

If the Muslims don't like the way we are in the West, why do they come here?  It makes no sense.

It's an old cliche that us Westerners wouldn't go to Iran, Iraq, Saudi etc. and behave the way we do here without expecting some kind of consequences or retribution, it's old but it's true.  No matter how beautiful some of these countries are (or were before ISIS got hold) I wouldn't go if I felt that the way I lived was against how the locals lived.

Maybe we should limit the Muslims we DO take into the country?

How about we only accept the gay ones?

And hope they're not suicide bummers.


Vote Beaver


Referendum is almost here

We're 2 days away from the EU Referendum and the dirty tricks are still in full swing.

Current polls make it look like Brexit could well win here, so Politicians are calling for the Referendum to be cancelled altogether.

Not exactly democratic is it?

The fact is, no side really knows what will happen if we leave OR stay in, you can't predict the future.

But if we DID leave, would it really be that bad?

Chances are other countries would follow, and maybe, just maybe that is what the EU needs as a whole?

A chance to get out and reform.

David Cameron has been saying today that if we left that is it for good, there is no turning back.  However, I am absolutely certain that if a future Government decided we had to be back in then there we'd be welcomed back.  The EU needs us.

I'm all reform, and Brexit could actually be a way of many countries pulling out of a union, working together to create EU2.

Who knows.

No matter what the decision on the 23rd it has to be ratified by Parliament, so they'll vote against a Brexit happening anyway.

Which I presume is the only reason Cameron allowed the Referendum in the first place.


Tell me why I don't like....

There's a mini-rant about James Martin's Asda adverts.


And finally...

An EU Referendum song, just for you!

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