5th July 2016

This is a genuine screenshot of what MSN news looked like yesterday.

Nigel Farage resign headline along with an advert for Canesten.

That's Canesten.

For thrush.

What does Nigel Farage and an irritating twat have in common?

I'll just leave this here, m'lud.

Swiper, no swiping!

There's a new rant about online dating.


How racist!

Polish boy told to “Go home”


James Martin is still pissing me off

Asda are still pushing the “I don’t usually do <day of week>” adverts but now there’s more than ever.

Because Sunday and Thursday are now the same.

And he’s moved on to men.

According to “Richard” he as a trip to The Lakes with his boys this week and needs something to fuel them up Scarfell Pike.

Now, first things first.  Why is he taking his lads out of school to drag their whiny arses up Scarfell Pike?

Twice a week.

James’ marvellous “recipe” is to cut a tiger loaf in half, stick some roast chicken and pesto in, stick the lid and let the bread get all moist.

Like his kids will eat that.

Just give the fuckers some Dairylea and save the chicken for yourself.

I really hate this adverts though, really REALLY hate them.


New rant!

Here's a new rant about the EU Referendum, democracy and the state of the country.



The UK has banned flags.

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