I love Jeremy Corbyn, I do

Look at this knobhead:

So basically, he's written a right load of guff about how loads of shit happened and nobody batted an eye.  BUT when Jeremy Corbyn lies about being unable to get a seat on a train and is found out then everyone's gone mental.

Let's just break down your garbage, "Steve":

Tony Blair did indeed lie about Iraq.

David Cameron didn't lie about his offshore accounts.

Boris Johnson didn't lie about Brexit, he's just a fucking idiot.

Nigel Farage lied about immigration.  Did he?

You're right. The country must have missed the whole Chilcot Enquiry that started in 2009 after immense public pressure.

I seem to recall there being more than an eyelid batted about Brexit.  But don't let facts get in the way of a good Facebook rant eh?

Let's move on.

Oh, it's potentially lying now is it?

He said there were no seats on a packed train yet there's CCTV footage that shows there were.

The media aren't out to get him, but you are right, he is unelectable.

Nobody is terrified of him you absolute melt, he won't be around this time next year.

Closing tax loop holes, are people really frightened of that?  Don't be a bell.

It's a great idea, mind, then all the big corporations might finally pay what they owe - but it won't be Crazy Corbyn who instigates it.

If Corbyn was elected he will re-nationalise the trains.  Really?

Wrong.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the idea of ALL core industries (energy, utilities and public transport) being state owned as I have mentioned lots of times, but it will never happen because it cannot happen.  The country simply cannot afford it.  Why do you think it was sold off in the first place?

Do you think that Virgin will just hand over all their rolling stock etc and that's it?  If it was ever to happen the country would have to BUY the Virgin Rail company.

How many hundreds of millions would that cost?

I don't recall losing any human rights lately.  Only the ones where you get arrested for calling someone a name on Facebook or Twitter.

There were quite a few "Right on!" type posts following this rambling, by like-minded sheep.

But I was pleased to see that most responses were to call him a cock. 

Which he is.

The following sums up the Great British public that have suddenly turned into know-it-all politicians:

That's right, John Paul - Get rid of the lot of hum.

(Hum, Them selfs, and the use of the wrong "there" - educated at home were you?)

Two people LIKED a sentence littered with typo's that makes no sense.  Good on you.

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