We've all been hacked!

So I've seen this a few times on Facebook recently:

I am giving everyone a heads up. . . . . Almost all Facebook accounts are being hacked. The profile picture and your name are used to create a new Facebook account. Then they want all of your friends to re-add you as a friend...and voila, they try ruin your life! Your friends think it's your account and accept. From this moment, the pirates can write what They want under your name !! ..... I want you to know I have NO plans to open a new account, so please do not agree to the 2nd invitation from me !! Copy this message on your wall so all of your friends will be warned! Do not forward or press share. Hold your thumb down on the text until the word "copy" appears, then paste it to your wall.


Where to start?

"Almost all Facebook accounts".

Really?  Almost all must be what, somewhere between 75 and 95%?

So over three-quarters of the worlds Facebook accounts are being hacked are they?

I don't think so.

Your name and picture is used to create a new account?  How do they get your picture if your privacy settings are set as tight a a nuns chuff?

They go to all that trouble to add your friends and then the "pirates" write what they want under your name.



People that copy games, films, music etc are pirates.

People that supposedly create a new Facebook account so they can add your mates and then pretend to talk shit about them thus getting you into big trub can be described as:

  1. Bored kids
  2. You getting drunk or hormonal and forgetting what you've done OR

I'll let you decide.

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