Huge fight at GQ Awards, thousands dead.

Not specifically a red top this time, although I guess it is, of sorts.

The following appeared on MSN and is from the Mirror:

This is the headline.  Richard Hammond has a backstage bustup with Steve Coogan at the GQ awards.

But then when you read the article, it opens with:

Richard Hammond ALMOST came to blows.  Almost?  So he didn't hit anyone then?

Nope, nobody was hit at all at the GQ awards.  

Apparently there is a long running feud between the pair - neither of which are particularly manly are they?

Imagine a fight between them two!  One's a midget raspberry ripple and the other's a wet gimp.  

So, with tensions running high, what really happened?

How on earth do they get away with the headline claiming there was a bustup where what really what it amounted to was 2 men giving each other daggers like a pair of stupid teenagers.
The dicks.
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