Pokemon Go blamed on Nice attack

 It is believed Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was playing the new “Pokemon Go” game when he drove a truck through crowds of people on the Promenade des Anglais.

 It was widely reported on Friday that the “accident” was a terrorist attack, however, ISIS officials have been quick to deny it was their doing.

 “I’m afraid this fella wasn’t one of ours”, Al-bin Stardust told our analyst.

 He continued, “Mohamed was not an ISIS operative.  We’d be happy to claim he was, but he just wasn’t”.

 A spokesman for the French police, Pierre Pardew said, “It appears we were a little hasty, it wasn’t a terror attack at all.  He was playing that bloody Pokemon Go game  whilst driving and ploughed into  all these people.  Then he got out and started shooting

 “He was shouting Pikachu Akbar!  Pikachu Akbar! as he shot.  He must have thought he was shooting at Pokemon characters.

We apologise for thinking he was a terrorist.

Bill Murray was unavailable for comment.

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