Giant Fatberg identifies as trans

The giant Fatberg currently blocking a sewer under Whitechapel, London is identifying as Trans, a leading expert has revealed.

The Fatberg, weighing in at 130 tons and unrelated to singer Adele is currently being shifted by workers from Thames Water and is said to identifying as Trans, going under the name "Flora".

Flora or Adele, yesterday.

Colin Barclaycard from the University of East Blythe has spoken to Flora in order to keep her spirits up as she is blasted by water before being broken up, part of which is expected to be sent to the Museum of London.

However, Professor Barclaycard has revealed that Flora was originally born as the exotically named Trex.

After rapidly gaining weight due to a heavy diet of cooking oil, nappies and wet wipes, Trex became very unhappy with himself and decided to become a Trans Fat.

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