Bonfire Night is sexist

Bonfire Night is sexist and excludes transgender & non-binary gender people, claims a leading Feminazi.

Belinda Nomaytes made the outlandish claim at a conference on Gender Exclusivity in New Malden.

Nomaytes told us, "Bonfire Night just excludes everyone who isn't male.  I mean, you only need to know that the person who we celebrate as being the main protagonist in the whole Gunpowder Plot was called Guy.  What is the chances of that?  Guy.  A man".

She continued, hysterically, "Why did HE have to be called GUY eh?  You might as well just call HIM MAN FAWKES".

When our correspondent put it to Belinda that Guy is short of Guido she shut the fuck up and crawled back into her "She Space".



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