Trans women demand FGM

Trans women are demanding their say on FGM, Female Genital Mutilation, says a leading someone somewhere.

While most people are calling for an outright ban on the horrific act, TWA (Trans Women Activists, not the airline) are calling for it to be their choice.

"I'd at least like a say in whether my new lady bits are hacked off", says Candy Pritchard (AKA Dave)

"It's just massively unfair, I feel like we've always having to fight for our rights to things other women just naturally have!", she, er, he, er it continued.

"We might not want to be hacked to bits but I'd bloody well like the choice", Candy said, again.  To be honest, they're getting boring now.

As you can see, Candy is definitely a woman and not at all a dude in a dress with a beard.  No sir, all woman.



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